Water parks in Bodrum - photos, prices, description

Water parks in Bodrum

Water parks in Bodrum

The water park in Bodrum is aimed at both extreme and more relaxing holidays. As for vacationers with children, they will be able to experience all the "adult" slides while their children are under the supervision of animators.

Water park in Bodrum

Waterpark "Dedeman" has:

  • a jacuzzi, a river with an artificial current and waves, and various pools, including children's;
  • 24 water slides - of which "Black Hole" stands out (downhill with audio and light effects), "Big Hole" (this closed track can be passed simultaneously by 4 people on an inflatable raft), "Kamikaze" (downhill on this downhill slide is carried out at an angle of 80˚), "Multislide" (due to the fact that the attraction consists of 4 lanes, the whole family can try it at the same time);
  • sun loungers, on which you can relax in between swimming, sitting under an umbrella or awning;
  • restaurants and bars (you can order various drinks, ice cream, Turkish and European dishes; all establishments have a special menu for children).

In addition, "Dedeman" offers photo services, as well as the rental of balls and circles in the water park, and there is a tattoo parlor. And even after the closure of the attractions, life in the water park does not freeze - here the fun begins, namely a disco and various show programs.

Entrance fee: children 0-7 years old and adults 60+ - free, 7-12-year-old children - 29 lira, children 12+ - 41 lira, adults - 49 lira.

Water activities in Bodrum

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On vacation, it is recommended to visit the Dolphin Park dolphinarium (3-12 year old children - 15 euros, adults - 25 euros, swimming with a dolphin - 60 euros): guests will find a show that will be arranged for them by sea animals (dolphins, walruses, sea lions). For a 50-minute performance, dolphins will have time to dance, sing, draw a picture, demonstrate the performance of acrobatic exercises, and play sports games.

As for the beach holiday, Bitez Beach will be waiting for guests of Bodrum (famous for its clean sand, tangerine and pine groves, convenient entrance to the sea and the lack of sharp depth, which is important for families with kids; active tourists here can practice windsurfing and even take part in competitions), Akyarlar Beach (family and children's recreation + sailing), Ortakent Beach (the Blue Flag flies on this beach; here you can relax both passively, basking in the sun, and actively, riding water scooters, windsurfing or parasailing).

Tourists who decide to go diving will be offered to dive on Orak Island (viewing colorful sponges, unusual caves, a natural 100-meter wall) or Kurt Burun (suitable for diving for beginners and experienced divers, since rock formations can be found already at a depth of 3 meters) that descend to a depth of 30 meters - under water you can meet an octopus and a moray eel).


  • Water parks in Bodrum
  • Water parks in Bodrum
  • Water parks in Bodrum