Bodrum beaches: photos. Best sandy beaches in Bodrum (Turkey)

Beaches in Bodrum

Beaches in Bodrum

The most inveterate "party-goers" dream of getting to this exotic paradise, where the nightlife in local bars and clubs is striking in its scope. Not only sunbathers come here, but also fans of outdoor activities..

To your attention the best sandy beaches of Bodrum:

  1. Bitez Bay;
  2. Ortakent;
  3. Akyarlar;
  4. Turgutreis;
  5. Yalikavak;
  6. Göltürkbükü;
  7. Torba;
  8. Gumusluk.

Beaches on Bitez Bay

Bitez Bay is very popular with tourists and locals. The beach is crescent-shaped. Bars, cafes, restaurants and hotels are everywhere on the territory. The bay is a pretty picturesque piece of Turkish paradise. The developed infrastructure did not affect the local natural beauty. Groves with pines and citrus trees delight the eye with their freshness and beauty all year round.
The beaches of Bitez are usually sandy. But some of its parts are pebbly. The beach area near Cape Adaburun is the shallowest. But if you move west from it, you can get to the very best beach spots. Even kids can swim here. The sand is delicate, the entrance to the water is very convenient. The lucky ones who managed to borrow
free sun loungers on one of the best beaches on the peninsula, you can pay nothing. All beach equipment in Bitez is generally free.

Ortakent beaches

The beaches adjacent to the Ortakent and Yakhshi Bay are located just 12 kilometers from the center of Bodrum. Here is a real expanse for lovers of water activities. Scooters, yachts, windsurfing, swimming in the local coastal waters and sunbathing under the hot Turkish sun - what else do you need for a memorable vacation? The beaches of Ortakent are holders of the honorary Blue Flag, which testifies to the purity of local waters and their compliance with all sanitary requirements. The water temperature here is slightly lower compared to other parts of the bay. From time to time, cruise ferries appear on the horizon, returning to the pier after excursions.


Akyarlar Bay is 15 km from Bodrum. Its length is 1.5 kilometers. The crescent-shaped sandy beach is very popular among tourists, so there are always a lot of visitors here. Fans of uncrowded places can recommend the lighthouse at Cape Hussein. There is a very good sandy beach not far from it. It is called "Sand Bath". The weather on the beaches of Turgutreis is very calm, due to the presence of a large number of islands surrounding the bay. They then protect her from strong winds..

Yalikava beaches

A favorite spot for all surfers. All of them are mostly sandy, the entrance to the water is not sharp, gentle.

Luxurious Göltürkbükü

For connoisseurs of high-quality and luxurious rest, Göltürkbükü Beach suits perfectly. It is quite windy here and the water temperature is slightly lower than in other parts of the bay..

Torba beaches are no different from other beaches on the peninsula. It's also quiet and cozy here. The coverage is predominantly sandy. Having visited the beautiful sandy beach of Gumusluk, you should definitely appreciate the view that opens from here to the sunken ancient city.

These are the beaches in Bodrum: exotic, sometimes inaccessible and very picturesque.

Photos of Bodrum beaches

  • Beaches in Bodrum
  • Beaches in Bodrum
  • Beaches in Bodrum
  • Beaches in Bodrum