Transport in Istanbul. Public transport in Istanbul - types, development

Transport in Istanbul

Transport in Istanbul

The old Turkish capital is one of the most unique cities in the world that has managed to be located in two parts of the world at once, washed by the waters of the Black and Marmara seas and is located in a beautiful hilly area. But it is not this that attracts thousands of tourists here every year, but the richest history, ancient monuments, the most beautiful oriental architecture. You can walk through the narrow streets and markets of the medieval Old Town, and then pay a visit to the business and cultural center of Beyoglu, which means New Town..

A daring journey

Transport in Istanbul is an amazing sight, few tourists decide to use a regular city bus, but prefer to admire the locals who hang from the steps like bunches of grapes during rush hour.

Buses are divided into public and private, which differ in color. The fare is the same, only in each private house there are conductors selling tickets. To travel on a public bus, a ticket is bought at the terminal station or from street vendors, of course, already with a surcharge.

Between bus and taxi

Dolmushi, the Istanbul type of fixed-route taxi, occupy an intermediate position. It is much more convenient to travel in it than in a crowded city bus, and cheaper than a private cab. Cars operating on different routes differ in color:

  • yellow minibuses that only travel short distances;
  • beige taxis will be delivered to places that cannot be reached even by tram.

Features of the metro

In Istanbul, you can observe an amazing thing - there are three metro lines, but they are not connected with each other. The shortest line has only two stations, but with its help you can very quickly get from Tunel Square to the embankment of the Golden Horn, which has long been the country's main source of income..

Tourists who come to Istanbul and decide to use the metro should remember that each line has its own mode of operation..

Istanbul taxi

The most convenient way to travel around the former Turkish capital, besides, the cost of the service is much lower than in other tourist centers of the world. True, local taxi drivers are trying to change this in their direction, giving out the cost of the trip by eye and explaining that the meter is broken. But any movement of the passenger to the exit instantly repairs the cunning device and the flight around the city is guaranteed. The night rate, as elsewhere, is higher than the day rate.

Another feature of taxiing around Istanbul by taxi is toll bridges across the Bosphorus Strait, and it is the passenger, not the driver, who contributes the money..


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