Where to go with children in Istanbul. Entertainment for kids in Istanbul

Where to go with children in Istanbul?

Where to go with children in Istanbul?

The beautiful old city of Istanbul is famous for its sights. There are many interesting places on its streets that arouse the interest of tourists..

Popular attractions and museums

First, the child can be taken to the Toy Museum. It is located in an old building resembling a palace. The museum has a large collection of toys, in total there are more than four thousand pieces. Children and adults alike are amazed looking at the variety of toys from different countries.

If the child loves animals, visit the Istanbul Zoo with him. This place is great for family leisure. The territory of the zoo is 140 thousand square meters. m. Animals of different species live there and all kinds of plants grow. The pride of the Istanbul Zoo are birds, of which there are a lot. Each bird cage is equipped with its own fountain.

For walks, you can choose Miniaturk - a beautiful city park decorated with models of the country's architectural structures. This park has the Bosphorus Bridge, Blue Mosque, Galata Tower, Ayai-Sophia Cathedral and other objects in miniature. The Victory Panorama and the Crystals of Istanbul Museum are open in the park. The first museum offers exhibits from the time of the Battle of Canakalla (World War I). The second museum houses an exposition of transparent cubes with models of architectural structures. For children's outdoor games in the park there is a specially equipped playground with a Trojan horse made of wood.

Other points of interest in Istanbul

Dolphinarium is a wonderful institution. This is one of the largest dolphinariums in Europe. Visitors are offered unique programs in which fur seals, walruses, dolphins, seals and belugas participate. After the show, spectators can swim with the dolphins. This paid service is available for children aged 6 and over.

Where to go with kids in Istanbul if you want to have some fun? In this case, you'd better go to one of the entertainment centers that have play areas. Good reviews are left by visitors of the shopping and entertainment center "Gallery". There are all opportunities for exciting shopping, children's play areas, as well as an ice rink..

Bus tickets for the Istanbul bus tour can be purchased for school-age children. Buying a ticket, a tourist gets the opportunity to see the sights of the city all day, stopping near any objects and changing to other sightseeing buses.

Another recommended activity is the ferry ride on the Bosphorus.


  • Where to go with children in Istanbul?
  • Where to go with children in Istanbul?