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Things to do in Turkey

Things to do in Turkey

Turkey long ago became the main resort, where the bulk of Russians flock. This is the country of all inclusive, so beloved by us, which always hospitably opens its arms. And entertainment in Turkey is quite consistent with our needs..

Club "Crystal"

Once inside, you will immediately be transported into the familiar atmosphere of a classic Moscow nightclub. The only difference is that palm trees grow near the entrance, and the sea is splashing nearby..

There are a couple of karaoke bars, performances by Russian pop stars, floundering in foam, unusual cocktails from the best bartenders and unrestrained fun throughout the night. It doesn't matter what day it is: Monday, Wednesday or Friday!

There is always a holiday for Russian guests at Kristall!

Club "Aura"

The most popular dance floor in Kemer among youth companies who come to bask in the warm Mediterranean sun. The club is especially loved by DJs who play their records here with pleasure. Quite often, "Aura" hosts foam and themed entertainment, attracting a huge number of visitors..

Walk on the sea

If you chose Kemer as a place of rest, be sure to plan such a walk. Almost every day, guests of the city have a unique opportunity to go on a sailing wooden yacht (gulet) to the city of Phaselis. But today, replicas of ancient yachts are equipped with the latest technology, have comfortable wardrooms, bars and open decks where you can sunbathe, so the trip will be more than comfortable..

During the trip, the yacht moors to the shore several times and during this time you can dine at any coastal restaurant.

Sand city

Every year, on the territory of Konyaalti or Lare beaches, as if by magic, real cities grow. True, sand serves as a building material for them, and they disappear with the first autumn rains. But how much joy they bring to children who play with pleasure among the mysterious Egyptian pyramids, and consider the sea king Poseidon, the characters of the fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast" and many, many others.

Red Tower (restaurant-brewery)

Lovers of a foamy drink when visiting a restaurant, one might say, find themselves in a real beer paradise. This restaurant is one of the few places in Alanya where you can taste your own beer. In the middle of the hall there are huge metal vats and tasting of the branded lager can be carried out right at the place of its production.

National Golf Club

Unfortunately, if you have never played golf before, then you will not be able to get on a professional course. To be able to play on the prestigious Belek field, you must have a fairly high qualification score. For men it is 28, and for women - 36 and above.

But do not be upset, the opportunity to hold a golf club in your hands and make a few strokes, nevertheless, is provided. The club has a course designed specifically for beginners and amateurs. By the way, for "dummies" there is a golf school, where lessons can be received by both adults and children..


  • Things to do in Turkey
  • Things to do in Turkey
  • Things to do in Turkey