Children's camps in Turkey for the summer. Children's camps in Turkey 2015

Children's camps in Turkey

Children's camps in Turkey

Summer vacation is the time to send your child on vacation to Turkey. There are many excellent specialized camps for children in this country. The child will be able to get a lot of positive emotions, open up new horizons and find friends. After resting in Turkish camps, children go home in a great mood, full of strength and energy..

Children's camps in Turkey are divided into groups:

  • health-improving;
  • for children (for schoolchildren from 9 to 16 years old);
  • youth (for teenagers);
  • sports and recreation;
  • linguistic.

What are the advantages of a vacation in Turkey

Today, Turkish resorts offer tourists gorgeous clean beaches. Warm sea, abundance of sun, excellent service, affordable prices - these are the advantages of Turkey over other countries. Various programs are organized for children in the camps. Children of different ages can not only have fun, but also gain new knowledge.

What Turkish camps offer

Children's camps in Turkey are located next to excellent beaches. The child will have a rest among the beautiful nature. Wide and gently sloping beaches have convenient access to the sea.

The developed infrastructure in this country is successfully combined with traditions. Each camp occupies a fenced-in area with round-the-clock lighting. Playgrounds, discos and private beaches with free sun loungers and umbrellas - all this makes it possible to have a good rest. A fun and bright vacation on the seashore is the best that a child can wish for during the summer holidays..

Turkish camps offer rich and entertaining programs for children:

  • morning, afternoon and evening animations;
  • children's performances;
  • competitive evenings, role-playing games, trainings;
  • excursions to local attractions.

While resting in the camp, the child can attend a studio according to his interests: theater, music, water aerobics, a workshop, backgammon, chess, shaping, etc..

How to get to a children's camp in Turkey

A voucher to a children's camp can be purchased from a tour operator. A visa for a child is not required if the period of his stay in the country does not exceed 60 days. From Moscow to the Turkish camp can be reached in 3 hours by plane. A child under 11 years old must be accompanied by an adult. In addition, you will need a power of attorney from the parents to leave..

Which camp in Turkey to prefer

Today, the Camp "Leader - Strategies for Success", which is located on the Mediterranean coast, is very popular. It operates at the Woodline Village HV2-4 hotel *. The camp conducts interesting programs for the development of leadership skills in children. The list of fashionable Turkish camps also includes Banana Club, Adakule, Chocolate and others..

Photos of children's camps in Turkey

  • Children's camps in Turkey
  • Children's camps in Turkey
  • Children's camps in Turkey