Features of Turkey - communication, cuisine, traditions

Features of Turkey

Features of Turkey

One of the most attractive countries for travelers is Turkey. Before you go to rest in this country, you must definitely find out which national features of Turkey can come as a surprise to tourists, and which ones can please or pleasantly surprise. Each country has its own national secrets, Turkey is no exception.

We open the veil of secrets

Religion is the basis for the formation of Turkish culture. Islam is the main religion here. Also, the culture of the inhabitants is significantly influenced by the traditions of the nomadic tribes who previously inhabited these places. Also a very important aspect is the location of Turkey, whose territory is located at the junction of Asia and Europe..

The western part of the country and the coastal regions are dominated by European influence. But the eastern regions are the patriarchy formed over the years and the canons of Islam. 99% of the population of Turkey are Muslims who sacredly respect religious laws and regulations, they honor traditions and respect ancient rituals. Those who come to Turkey need to remember that it is customary here to reckon with local customs and treat them with respect..

Religion is not always the basis of behavior in Turkey, however, when leaving tourist recreation areas, one must remember the basic rules of behavior. Women should not wear bright, provocative clothing. It is forbidden to photograph pregnant women and those wearing a veil. Men don't like being filmed by tourists either..

Have you decided to visit a local resident? Take off your shoes at the doorstep. The mosque cannot be visited on Friday or during prayer times. Want to talk to a native of Turkey about something? Talk about food, delicious food and everything related to it is very much appreciated here.

The main taboos for tourists

Walking the streets of Turkey, you need to remember that:

  • You cannot walk with alcoholic beverages in hand. This can cause condemnation from local residents;
  • You cannot "yawn" in crowded places, because attackers do not sleep and can leave any inattentive traveler without a wallet.

Fulfilling these two rules, you can get great pleasure from walking the streets of Turkish cities and towns, without fear that you will find yourself in the disgrace of the residents. By the way, Turkey is very fond of various holidays, which are usually accompanied by various colorful actions, fascinating and surprising.


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