Car rental in Turkey. Car rental in Turkey - prices

Car rental in Turkey

Car rental in Turkey

It is not difficult to rent a car in Turkey. There are representative offices of world famous car rental companies. These are Hertz, Avis, EuropeCar, Budget, but there are also local travel agencies and hotels with small rental offices..

Car rental conditions

Approximate prices in Istanbul and famous seaside resorts start at $ 50 per day, but if you take a shot at a prestigious car, you will have to part with $ 1000. In small companies, a car can be rented without insurance, and therefore the cost per day can be $ 30.

The driver must be at least 19 years old, but in some companies the age limit is 21 years. You can get a middle class car only from the age of 24, and a higher one - from the age of 27.

To draw up a car rental agreement, you need to collect the following package of documents:

  • International passport;
  • Driving license (international Russian license is suitable);
  • Proof of driving experience over 1 year;
  • Bank credit card or cash (from $ 500) for deposit.

You will need a bank card to block the amount on the client's account, its size will be the rental cost and another 25-30% of this amount. The funds will be unlocked some time after you return the car. But we want to warn you that the amount can be unblocked in a month.

Therefore, you can go the other way and rent a car in a small company, where you only need a driver's license and a passport, which remains as a deposit for the duration of the car rental. Some firms take a hundred dollars as collateral. And if you rent a car directly in hotels, then a deposit may not be required at all.

Often distributors pour fuel into the tank of the car exactly so that it would be possible to drive it to the nearest gas station, so it is better to ask them where the gas station is. Sometimes a car is given with a full tank, but then the company demands that you return the car to it in the same way - fully fueled, or they will charge a sum for gasoline.

But, having studied all these subtleties, you can turn a simple beach vacation into a voyage full of adventure. It will be easier for you to visit attractions in Istanbul, Antalya, Kemer and other places. There are many majestic Muslim buildings here, but there are also the ruins of ancient Greek temples, in addition, there are unusually picturesque National Parks and water parks. Museums are open in many Turkish cities and theaters are open in the evenings. It turns out that renting a car in Turkey will allow you to spend a truly full-fledged cultural vacation and at the same time not get tired of tiring walking in the heat.


  • Car rental in Turkey
  • Car rental in Turkey