Capital of Turkmenistan: map, photo. What is the capital of Turkmenistan?

Ashgabat - the capital of Turkmenistan

Ashgabat - the capital of Turkmenistan

There is a country in Central Asia, the capital of which literally enchants all tourists with its beauty. We are talking about the city of Ashgabat, located in the very heart of Turkmenistan. The country is very rich in natural resources and ranks 4th in the world in terms of natural gas. The capital of Turkmenistan has an interesting history, customs and culture. This is what attracts tourists from all over the world here. The main city of the country regularly surprises and falls in love with all travelers and vacationers..

Ashgabat in numbers

The capital of Turkmenistan was founded relatively recently, in 1881. Today the city is home to about 900 thousand people. Ashgabat is a very beautiful city and regularly enters the Book of Records. There is no city in the world that can compete with Ashgabat in the number of houses made of white marble. There are 543 of them here. There are also 27 fountains in the city, which are combined into one fountain complex. It is the largest in the world. In addition, the city has the world's tallest flagpole - its height is 133 meters.

History of the city

Ashgabat appeared in 1881 on the site of an ancient settlement serving as a military border fortification. Translated from Persian, the name of the city means «city ​​of love». From 1919 to 1927 the city was named Poltoratsk. The Soviet authorities decided that the name of the revolutionary is more suitable for the name of the city. On October 27, 1991, Turkmenistan gained independence. At this moment, a new era began in the life of the state and the capital..

Ashgabat landmarks

Over the years of Ashgabat's existence, many events have taken place here. As a result, a large number of attractions appeared in the city. Tourists who come to the capital of Turkmenistan first of all visit the Museum of the Turkmen Carpet; the ancient city of Nisa; Ruhyet palace.

The Carpet Museum boasts a fairly large collection of rare items. There are over two thousand carpets in total. There is also a record-holder carpet in the museum. It is entirely hand-woven and measures 301 square meters.

The ruins of an ancient settlement are located 18 kilometers from Ashgabat. The city of Nisa was founded in the third century BC. For a long time this place served as a residence for the noble Arshakid dynasty. Fascinating excursions are regularly held here.

The main cultural and official center of the city is the Ruhyet Palace. Official receptions, concerts, as well as inaugurations are often held here, heads of different states gather to resolve various issues. The structure was even depicted on the banknotes of the state..


  • Ashgabat - the capital of Turkmenistan
  • Ashgabat - the capital of Turkmenistan
  • Ashgabat - the capital of Turkmenistan