Prices in Ashgabat - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take to Ashgabat

Prices in Ashgabat

Prices in Ashgabat

The largest city and capital of Turkmenistan is Ashgabat. It is the scientific, political, industrial and cultural center of the country. Prices in Ashgabat are low when compared to prices in the Russian capital. Living in Turkmenistan is cheaper than in Russia. It has cheap transportation, utilities, housing and electricity..

Where to live for a tourist in Ashgabat

The city has many new modern hotels 3-5 *. Metropolitan hotels of the 4-5 * category provide guests with many additional services. They are equipped with conference rooms, saunas, swimming pools, restaurants, bars and fitness centers. Breakfast is usually included in the total price of your stay. In the suburbs of Ashgabat, there are 2-3 * hotels, the level of service in which is minimal. Therefore, when planning to stay in a cheap hotel, check in advance if the room has a private bathroom, bath and hot water. A regular room for two in an Ashgabat hotel costs about $ 120 per day. You can rent a room in a 5 * hotel for $ 200. The rent for a room in Ashgabat is $ 100 per day.

Excursions in Ashgabat

Tourists very often book tours to Ashgabat for 3-4 days. The cost of such a tour reaches $ 1000 per person. At the same time, vacationers live in a comfortable hotel, paying $ 180 per room (the cost of the room is included in the general expenses).

There are many interesting objects in Ashgabat. It cannot boast of ancient architectural structures and historical sights. The capital of Turkmenistan is a white marble eastern city. The main tourist attractions of the city are the Ertogrulgazy Mosque, the Presidential Palace, the Alexander Nevsky Church, the Carpet Museum, etc. The cost of entrance tickets to museums is low here..

How much food costs in Ashgabat

The prices for many goods look ridiculous for Russian tourists. In the markets, the cost of fresh fruits and vegetables is no more than 50 cents per 1 kg. It is profitable to purchase products on the Wholesale and Tashauz markets. In the middle of summer, potatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, bell peppers and carrots are sold at 3,000 manats per 1 kg, cherries - at 3,000-4,000 manats per 1 kg. There are also imported fruits that are grown in Iran. Their prices are slightly higher..

Transport service

Public transport costs little. For one ticket on a bus or trolleybus, you have to pay 50 manat. Traveling in a fixed-route taxi is more expensive - 500 manats. Gasoline in Ashgabat is inexpensive. Russian-made cars are very popular in the city - «Volga» and «Zhiguli». These machines are 20% more expensive here than manufacturers.


  • Prices in Ashgabat
  • Prices in Ashgabat
  • Prices in Ashgabat