Capital of the UAE: map, photo. What is the capital of the UAE?

Abu Dhabi - the capital of the UAE

Abu Dhabi - the capital of the UAE

Among the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula, there is a rich state called the United Arab Emirates. The capital of the UAE is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Abu Dhabi. Industry, trade and culture are well developed here. It is difficult to find a person who would not dream of visiting luxurious mansions and strolling the streets of this capital. In 2013, the population of Abu Dhabi was 921 thousand inhabitants.

Foundation history

Ancient chronicles say that a settlement existed on the site of the modern capital as early as the third millennium BC. The city itself was founded much later, in 1760. The inhabitants of the Emirates have come up with a beautiful legend about the founding of Abu Dhabi. According to her, the gazelle, fleeing from the hunters, led them to the shores of the Persian Gulf. Fleeing from death, she wade across it and led the pursuers to the island, in the middle of which there was a wonderful source. The hunters did not kill the animal, and the settlement located nearby was named «father of a gazelle». It is this phrase that stands for Abu Dhabi.

City architecture

Abu Dhabi began its rapid development in the 80s of the last century. Much earlier than all other cities in the country. The whole city is clearly divided into quarters. The main part of Abu Dhabi is occupied by luxury mansions, townhouses and villas. The northern part of the city is the financial district. The tallest buildings of the capital and skyscrapers are concentrated here, where offices, hotels and shopping and entertainment complexes are located. In the capital of the Emirates, there are three world-famous skyscrapers:

  • Al Bahar - two unique towers that are exactly the same in appearance. Combine unusual design and modern construction technologies.
  • Albar HQ is another interesting building with a rounded shape. Today it is one of the most unusual buildings on the planet..
  • Capital Gate is a great example of the genius of architects. The skyscraper is often called «falling». Thanks to his form, he became more than famous. A favorite place for photographing tourists.


Every tourist who plans to travel to the United Arab Emirates needs to be prepared for an unusual climate. The tropical desert climate is very difficult to tolerate. You need to get used to it, because there is almost no rain here, and the air temperature in summer can exceed 50 degrees with a plus sign. It is hard to imagine that the average temperature in February is 20 degrees Celsius. Compared to the most popular city of the Emirates - Dubai, the climate here is even hotter, and the rainfall is even less.

Abu Dhabi - A place in the sun


  • Abu Dhabi - the capital of the UAE
  • Abu Dhabi - the capital of the UAE
  • Abu Dhabi - the capital of the UAE