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Holidays in Abu Dhabi

Holidays in Abu Dhabi

Holidays in Abu Dhabi allow travelers to see modern skyscrapers and historical monuments, relax in parks and well-equipped beaches, and go for profitable shopping..

Top activities in Abu Dhabi

  • Excursion: on various excursions you can stroll through the shopping galleries and the Embankment, admiring the magnificent fountains, see the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the Al Husn Palace, visit the cultural and ethnographic village “HeritageVillage”. Those interested can go on a sightseeing tour on a double-decker bus (the purchased ticket can be used during the day). For active travelers and nature lovers, trips to the reserved island of Sir-Bani-Yas are organized (various species of birds and animals live here, as well as rare plants grow).
  • Beachfront: Abu Dhabi's city beach is divided into free and paid sections. Landscaped areas are equipped with changing cabins, umbrellas and sun loungers, rescue services, showers, sports areas, cafes. Since there is a Family Park nearby, you can go there so that adults can play sports on equipped sports grounds, and children can frolic in the playgrounds..
  • Active: tourists are advised to visit the theme park “Ferrari world”, famous for various racing attractions; play golf; go diving; go on a falconry or a jeep trip through the desert to the Liwa oasis; ride a camel; climb Mount Jebel Hafeet.

Prices for tours in Abu Dhabi

For a vacation in Abu Dhabi, it is worth highlighting the spring and autumn months. But it is worth considering that this is a high season, so the prices for tours become as high as possible. If you can handle the heat well and want to save money, then you can plan a trip to this emirate for the summer. In addition, vouchers at attractive prices are sold in winter, with the exception of New Year and Christmas tours..

On a note!

If your goal is a sightseeing vacation, try not to go on excursions when the sun becomes very dangerous (11: 00-14: 00). It is advisable to move around the city on foot, by taxi or a rented car, since the urban transport system is rather poorly developed..

When going for a walk around the city, do not forget to take a photocopy of your documents with you, as police often carry out raids on the streets. In order not to be fined a round sum or even worse - to end up in a local prison, you should not appear in public places drunk.

Experienced travelers are advised to bring bottles with colored sand, hookahs, incense and perfumery, jewelry, fabrics, dates from Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi - A place in the sun

Vacation photos in Abu Dhabi

  • Holidays in Abu Dhabi
  • Holidays in Abu Dhabi
  • Holidays in Abu Dhabi