Best restaurants in London - photos, prices

Best restaurants in London

Best restaurants in London

The capital of Great Britain is no different from other large European cities in terms of organizing a restaurant business. The best restaurants in London represent either the world's most renowned chefs or the signature cuisine restaurants of modern taste seekers.

There are also many pretty and luxurious establishments here, where traditional recipes are presented in all their glory. Since there are more and more emigrants in London every year, the number of establishments with a national flavor is increasing..

Meeting place of the stars

Traditionally, British and international celebrities meet at Nobu Restaurant, famous for its Japanese cuisine. But ordinary visitors are attracted by the stars of cinema and music, and not at all by the cuisine from the famous restaurateur from the Land of the Rising Sun. Although the cuisine here is truly magnificent, this was noted by both Madonna and Robert de Niro, who are frequent guests here..

Restaurant for the ages

The Capital is one of the legendary institutions in London - it has received two stars from world experts and is considered one of the most prestigious in the capital. Erik Chavot, the head chef of this restaurant, is known for his innovative approaches to product combinations and cooking techniques. He not only feeds the visitors of this restaurant, but also conducts master classes, and on all five continents inhabited by people.

Competition is to be

Another owner of two Michelin stars at once, The Square restaurant is an excellent competitor to The Capital in terms of excellent cuisine, chic service, and a good location. There is a hero in this institution - Philip Howard, who knows how to surprise partners at a business lunch, and two romantically inclined lovers at dinner..

Glory to Saint John

It was this hero who gave the name to the London restaurant, whose chefs adhere to English culinary traditions. The building itself is a former smokehouse, barely a subtle aroma, it seems, is still felt in the halls.

Moreover, smoked meats are among the favorite dishes of local residents and are often served at the table. As a delicacy from the chefs, smoked eel is served, of course, with bacon, mashed potatoes; for an appetizer, you can order bovine tongue, which is prepared with chicory. Without dessert - real English pudding - it is impossible to consider the meal complete..

So, today, English cuisine is not only fresh oatmeal, but also a lot of very tasty, original dishes that have been prepared here for a long time..


  • Best restaurants in London
  • Best restaurants in London
  • Best restaurants in London