London suburbs - photo, what to see

London suburbs

London suburbs

In addition to the fact that London is the capital of Great Britain, the average tourist knows that there is a clock tower in the capital of Great Britain, red double-decker buses run and everything is very expensive. But the experienced traveler is sure that if you pay attention to the suburbs of London and stay in one of them, you can not only save on accommodation, but also see interesting sights that are not included in the inner metropolitan borders.

Worthy of attention

All suburbs of London have retained their authenticity and identity. Here, five-o-clock is still sacred, they cook oatmeal, they speak correct English, and taxi drivers do not ask the passenger to show the way:

  • Kingston-upon-Thames is a short drive from Charing Cross Station at the confluence of the capital's main river and the Iull. Seven generations of Anglo-Saxon kings were once crowned here, starting with Edward the Elder, and travelers reading know that in this suburb of London, the famous journey of the three gentlemen, described by Jerome K. Jerome, began..
  • The greenest area of ​​Outer London is Richmond-on-Thames because it has the most parks and gardens, including the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. More than 130 hectares of greenhouses and magnificent lawns are taken by UNESCO under the protection of the World Heritage of Humanity. The gardens were laid out in the middle of the 18th century, and their collection of living plants is the largest on the planet. The buildings of the Botanical Gardens are also impressive. All guests consider the Japanese Gate, Kew Palace and the Big Pagoda to be real masterpieces..
  • Wembley's main attraction is UEFA Stadium, which opened in 2007 on the site of an old arena in this suburb of London. It is here that the national football team of the country plays home matches. This fact is enough for Wembley to be on the must-visit lists of attractions for a strong half of the tourist brotherhood..
  • The town of Harrow is famous for its glorious natives, who have ascended high on the musical Olympus. Richard Wright of Pink Floyd, rock singer Billy Idol and Sir Elton John himself were born here..
  • Almost half of the area of ​​Anfield, the northernmost suburb of London, is included in the Green Belt of the English capital, and the most visited tourists here are called museums of transport and home design. It is in Anfield that you can see what the famous London cabs and doubledeckers looked like in the last century..


  • London suburbs
  • London suburbs