Bus tours to the UK. UK Bus Tour Prices 2016

Bus tours to the UK

Bus tours to the UK

Great Britain is an amazing country, home of Celtic legends, great music and original culture. Many people dream of visiting the United Kingdom at least as a tourist, so bus tours to the UK are in great demand. Foggy Albion is visited annually by a huge number of foreigners who end up falling in love with the country so much that they immediately plan their next trip. Schoolchildren dream of coming here from an early age, when they were taught to pronounce their first sounds of the English language. Popular sights of England - Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge - all of this is often depicted on notebooks and bags, and the Union Jack, the flag of Great Britain, flaunts on jewelry and clothes of modern youth. So, what are the features of bus tours to the UK and what you need to be prepared for?

Most Popular Attractions

First, one must always remember that Great Britain is not one, but four united countries. Each of them - Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland - has its own unique characteristics, which you can learn at least a little on excursions. The British are very good-natured and friendly towards tourists, everyone is ready to tell a foreigner anything. The national diversity is very great here, especially in the large cities of England. London is almost always full of tourists, who check the maps with a concentrated view. Here excursions are an absolute necessity, because it is simply impossible to understand the historical significance of a particular attraction without additional information..

In London, the following attractions are considered the most popular tourist attractions:

  1. The famous Big Ben;
  2. Tower Bridge;
  3. Buckingham Palace - the seat of the royal family;
  4. Madame Tussauds museum;
  5. Harry Potter Museum;
  6. Westminster Abbey and many others.

Wales and Scotland are also very colorful. In Little Wales, you will be surprised by the peculiar Welsh language, the coziness of the streets and the good nature of the inhabitants. Thrift stores are located here at every step, where you can buy books, toys, clothes and souvenirs at a very symbolic price..

It is even more difficult to get a visa to the UK than to the United States, so it is advisable to entrust this to a tour operator. Consideration of an application usually takes about a month. Bus tours to the UK are a very unusual way to spend a vacation or vacation, which is especially suitable for those who have long dreamed of good language practice..

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