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Tours to Odessa

Tours to Odessa

The southern capital of Ukraine has long been called the pearl by the sea. For the residents of Odessa themselves, their city is the most beautiful in the world, in everyone else who went on tours to Odessa, it seems green, cheerful, musical, noisy, warm and very romantic at the same time.

History with geography

Ancient settlements arose on the site of modern Odessa as early as the 5th century BC. The port city on the Black Sea coast was founded much later, at the end of the 18th century. The Turkish settlement that previously existed here, which became part of the Russian Empire, was called Khadzhibey.
Odessa is washed by the Black Sea bay of the same name, and tens of kilometers of famous beaches stretch along its coastline. Going on tours to Odessa, travelers tend to get to the city during the swimming season to enjoy the sea and the sun and take away as the main souvenir a great mood and a bronze southern tan.

Briefly about the important

  • The moderate continental climate brings mild pleasant weather to the city even in winter. In January, thermometers rarely drop below -10, and in summer they can climb to 35 degrees. The most pleasant time for sightseeing tours to Odessa is spring and autumn, when the air warms up to a comfortable +20, and if it rains, it is short-lived and warm.
  • The swimming season in Odessa begins in May, when the water warms up to a confident +22. In October, the hardened ones still dive into the waves with might and main, although the thermometers show no more than +18.
  • Tours to Odessa start either at the international airport or at the railway station. A direct flight from Moscow takes about two hours, and the journey by train, depending on the stops it makes, takes about a day..
  • It is convenient to get around the city by trams, buses, and minibuses.
  • The most popular resort area of ​​the city is Arcadia. It is here that the main sanatoriums, boarding houses and rest houses are located. When booking tours to Odessa, it is worth taking a closer look at the balneo-climatic resorts. In the arsenal of Odessa doctors - therapeutic mud and mineral baths in sea water, thalassoheliotherapy and even grape therapy.
  • In the sanatoriums of Odessa, it is possible to treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system and digestive organs, respiratory failure, neuralgia, metabolic disorders and cardiovascular pathologies.


  • Tours to Odessa
  • Tours to Odessa
  • Tours to Odessa