What to do in Odessa? What to do and where to go in Odessa?

What to do in Odessa?

What to do in Odessa?

Odessa is a picturesque Ukrainian city famous for Deribasovskaya Street and Primorsky Boulevard, the remains of a Turkish fortress (Taras Shevchenko Park), the Church of Mary Magdalene, the Archaeological Museum, which contains Scythian, antique and Egyptian collections of antiquities.

What to do in Odessa?

  • Walk along the famous street - Deribasovskaya;
  • Visit the Odessa Museum of Eastern and Western Art;
  • Admire the Vorontsov Palace;
  • Make purchases on the famous Privoz;
  • Take a walk in the Odessa City Garden (here you will see such sights as the "Twelfth Chair" monument, sculpture of a lion, lioness and lion cubs, as well as a singing fountain);
  • Visit the Wax Museum "At Baba Ooty" (here you will see wax figures of contemporary writers, actors and singers, characters from the films "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Asterix and Obelix");
  • Go on an excursion to the catacombs of Odessa.

What to do in Odessa?

Arriving in Odessa, you should definitely get acquainted with the architectural masterpiece - the Opera and Ballet Theater, the Transfiguration Cathedral, the Archaeological and Maritime Museum, look at the monument to the Duke de Richelieu, walk along the Mother-in-law Bridge, Catherine Square, see the Potemkin Stairs.

The whole family should go to the Anchors Museum (Marine Station) - here you will have the opportunity to see the Admiralty, Matrosov's cast anchor, anchor-cat.

With children, you should go to the Odessa Zoo to look at the Przewalski horses, Amur leopards, bears, baboons, Indian elephants living here. Visiting the Aquaterrarium, you can see snakes and reptiles (here children will have the opportunity to participate in thematic programs such as "Water Day"). And in Dolphinarium "Nemo" the whole family can watch the performances, in which the main roles are played by seals and bottlenose dolphins (performances are held 3 times a day).

You can ride roller coasters and other interesting attractions (Captain Hook, Air Flight) in Odessa Luna Park. And there is also an autodrome, a trampoline, children's labyrinths, swan boats.

Children who like to assemble constructors should take them to the Lego Center, and schoolchildren to the Lego Technic Club (there are gladiator robots and soccer robots to play with). Having visited the rope park "Flying Dutchman", 4-year-olds will be able to walk along the "children's" route, and adolescents and adults - along the "bold" and "high".

You can also have fun in the water parks "Odessa" (there are extreme slides "Boomerang" and "Rocket", the family slide "Multislide", children's "pirate town") and "Koblevo" (here you can swim in the pool with hydromassage and ride on slides "Rafting").

Odessa offers excellent opportunities for a beach holiday. So, you can relax in the elite beach club "Arcadia" with a swimming pool, sports grounds, water attractions, cafes and bars.

Only in Odessa you can go down into the catacombs, sit on a bench next to the monument to Utesov, go out to the open sea by boat ...

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