Prices in Odessa - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take to Odessa

Prices in Odessa

Prices in Odessa

While on vacation in Odessa, tourists never ask themselves the question: "What to do with their free time?" Their main focus is on exploring the sights of the city. Guests walk along Deribasovskaya, climb the Potemkin Stairs to Primorsky Boulevard and admire the beautiful panoramas. Hot weather prevails here in July. The sea during this period is very warm, and prices for many services and goods are overpriced..

When is the best time to come to Odessa

Prices in Odessa will delight you with their democracy, if you wait until the peak of the season is over. Midsummer to visit the resort is not the best time for those who prefer to save money. After the flow of tourists begins to decline, prices begin to decline. Any sightseeing tour of the city is inexpensive. You can visit the museums of Odessa on your own or with a guide. It is better to walk along the city streets in the evening or in the morning, when it is not yet very hot. The sun sets quickly in Odessa, so it gets dark there early. Nightclubs, restaurants, an aquarium and a theater are intended for the entertainment of tourists and residents of the city..

How much does it cost to rent a house

As for housing, prices in Odessa in the high season are approaching their maximum. Tourists who want to rent an apartment or a room at an inexpensive price should be persistent. Sometimes private traders rent housing quite cheaply. The most common option for Odessa is daily rent of apartments. Luxury apartments near the sea can be rented for 750-1000 hryvnia per day. More modest options are cheaper.

Prices in Odessa for excursions

The city is famous for its unique architectural landscape. There are beautiful Romanesque houses, luxurious passages, Greek-style buildings, Art Nouveau, Baroque, Renaissance and Empire buildings. A sightseeing tour of Odessa is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the most interesting sights. Tourists visit places such as Bolshoi Fountain, Arcadia, French Boulevard, City Garden, Cathedral Square, Opera House, etc. The approximate cost of a sightseeing tour is 50 hryvnia.

To get acquainted with local attractions, take a bus tour "Temples of Odessa". It lasts about three hours and costs 70 hryvnia. The pilgrimage center was previously located in Odessa. From here the pilgrims followed to the holy places of Rome, Palestine, Athos, Constantinople. The excursion is dedicated to acquaintance with Odessa temples and holy places. A special program dedicated to these unique objects allows you to explore the Odessa catacombs. Vacationers descend into underground labyrinths to explore the secrets of the catacombs. The cost of such an excursion is 70 hryvnia.


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