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Traditional Ukrainian cuisine

Traditional Ukrainian cuisine

Food in Ukraine is varied and satisfying. Only vegetarians can experience nutritional problems here, since only specialty restaurants or restaurants located in large cities can boast of vegetarian cuisine..

Food in Ukraine

The diet of Ukrainians includes cereals, dumplings with stuffing (cottage cheese, potatoes, berries), stew with potatoes, Ukrainian bitki stuffed with bacon and garlic, krucheniki, potato pancakes, zrazy, crucian carp baked in sour cream ...
Ukrainian cuisine is popular all over the world. Arriving here, everyone will have the opportunity to taste donuts, dumplings, cheesecakes, Ukrainian sausages, game, Ukrainian borscht ... It is surprising that Ukrainian borscht has many varieties. So, you can try Poltava, Kiev, Lviv, Chernihiv borscht.
Food in Ukraine has been elevated to the rank of a national cult - it has good taste and quality. Vacationers can eat in restaurants, cafes, fast food establishments (international chains - McDonald's, Yakitoria; national chains - Dva Gusya, Shvidko, Puzata Khata).
In many Ukrainian cafes you will be served menus in Ukrainian, Russian and English: from the variety offered, you can choose suitable dishes, which, as a rule, are prepared using complex technologies and contain a large number of ingredients (potato and meat dishes prevail in Ukrainian cuisine).

Drinks in Ukraine

Favorite drinks of Ukrainians are:
- compotes made from fruits and berries (apple, pear, cherry, raspberry, apricot);
- jelly;
- kvass (it is made from rye bread, as well as from berries and fruits);
- honey (natural bee honey is boiled with water).
If you come to Ukraine, be sure to try the national alcoholic drink - gorilka made on the basis of fruits and berries. If you wish, you can take part in gastronomic festivals by coming, for example, to Lviv for the Beer or Coffee Festivals.
If you are interested in learning how tea drinking is held, and you want to understand all the intricacies of brewing tea, you should visit the old Kiev mansion. Here you will have the opportunity to hear stories and gossip from the life of the Kiev aristocracy.

Gastronomic tour to Ukraine

Ukraine offers gourmets to take advantage of "delicious" tours. So, if you wish, you can visit the wine cellars of Crimea and Transcarpathia, get acquainted with the Transcarpathian cuisine, taste various types of cheeses, visit the best restaurants in Uzhgorod and Lviv, take part in master classes, thanks to which you can learn how to cook Ukrainian cuisine.
Since Lviv is called the gastronomic capital of Ukraine, you can come here as part of a gastronomic tour, which is organized in such a way that tourists can visit the most famous restaurants in Lviv. For example, having gone on a 4-hour tour, you can visit 5 restaurants - "Gas Lamp", "House of Legends", "Restaurants", "Mazokh-cafe", "Krivka".
The cost of such a tour includes the services of a guide and treats with specialties and drinks..
Arriving in Ukraine, you can go on a gastronomic tour by choosing a route (Ukrainian, Gypsy, Hungarian) and its duration (one day or more) at your discretion.

Photos of national dishes of Ukraine

  • Traditional Ukrainian cuisine