Prices in Mariupol - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take to Mariupol

Prices in Mariupol

Prices in Mariupol

Mariupol is located on the picturesque coast of the Sea of ​​Azov. It is located in an area dominated by a temperate continental climate. The air in the coastal zone is saturated with mineral salts and ozone. In Mariupol, the high season lasts from May to September. If you are planning a trip for this time, it is better to book a place in advance. Prices in Mariupol rise at the height of the holiday season. However, all museums, galleries, exhibition halls and theaters keep ticket prices low.

Where to rent a house in Mariupol

Vacationers tend to rent accommodation near the beaches. In the vicinity of the city there is a strip of sandy beaches. The sea in these places is clean, and the beaches are comfortable. Good hotels in Mariupol offer rooms at affordable prices. The average cost of a standard room per day is 1500 rubles. Mainly families come to this city on vacation. The Azov Sea is shallow and the beaches are famous for their fine sand. Therefore, there are all conditions for high-quality children's recreation. At the same time, we must not forget that Mariupol is polluted with emissions from industrial enterprises..
Going on vacation, choose hotels located in ecologically clean areas. If you come to the resort after the end of the summer season, you can rent a room near the sea for 200 rubles per day. The same room at the height of the season will cost 500 rubles. In the hotel, the minimum price for a room is 800 rubles per day. The cost of rooms depends on the class of the hotel, its location and the degree of comfort. The best time to visit Mariupol is during the beach season. But in early September, the locals do not recommend swimming in the sea, as a large number of jellyfish appear there. At the end of the month, the water is purified again and people get the most out of their beach holiday. Tourists leave in September, and prices begin to decline.

Where to eat in Mariupol

Self-catering is the cheapest. You can buy groceries at the market, shops and supermarkets. Food prices are available here. A budget option is also a visit to a cafeteria, cafe or pizzeria. If you like pizza, take a look at the Celentano-2 establishment. Pizza there costs about 140 rubles. Prices in Mariupol restaurants are higher. Lunch for one person will cost at least 500 rubles.

Excursions in Mariupol

While relaxing at the resort, you can book a walking or bus tour of the city and surrounding areas. Prices in Mariupol for excursions depend on the duration of the tours and the wishes of customers. Tours according to individual programs are the most expensive - at least 6,000 rubles. The bus tour can take place all over Ukraine. From Mariupol, tourists go on an excursion to Sudak, to the Arbat Spit, to the Holy Places. The average cost of a bus excursion for a week is 4000 rubles.


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