Resorts of Ukraine: photo, description

Resorts of Ukraine

Resorts of Ukraine

Choosing a place to stay, Russian travelers are guided by various criteria, including the price and duration of the flight, the need to obtain visas and knowledge of foreign languages, the peculiarities of the climate and local cuisine. Neighboring Ukraine fully meets the set of requirements for a comfortable and economical vacation option. Guests are always welcome here, the hotel fund has rooms for every budget, and there is no need to tell anyone about the delights of local cuisine. If we add to the list of arguments “for” a short flight, a mild climate and pleasant prices for services, it turns out that the resorts of Ukraine are quite a suitable place for recreation at any time of the year..

Pearl by the sea

This definition of Odessa, borrowed from a famous song, is more than fitting for a wonderful city. There is always a full house on the local beaches, because it is pleasant to rest in Odessa for a person of any gender, age and social status. Cultural and architectural sights, cheerful disposition of local residents, special humor and even a bazaar - in the city called South Palmyra you will not be bored for a minute.
In Odessa, you can enjoy walking along the shady streets and tasting one hundred varieties of ice cream and desserts. This resort of Ukraine is famous for its parks and squares, and each of its monuments has its own history and interesting legends. Local residents are ready to share secret information about the sights of Odessa unfamiliar to a wide range of tourists within the framework of gratuitous assistance, just ask your question on the tram or on Privoz.

On the waters in the Carpathians

The best balneological resort in Ukraine is located in the foothills of the Carpathians, and thermal springs brought it well-deserved fame. Already in the first third of the 19th century, baths were built in Truskavets and the local nobility tried to be treated with the help of healing water. The Lviv pharmacist Torosevich conducted chemical studies of Truskavets water and recommended it not only for baths, but also for internal use. Since then, at this balneological resort of Ukraine, thousands of guests got rid of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and pathologies of the musculoskeletal system..

For active and athletic

Ski resorts in Ukraine do not have too difficult slopes, and therefore are ideal for beginner athletes and intermediate skiers:

  • You can ski on the slopes of Slavskoy until mid-April. Such conditions are provided by the special location of the tracks between the two mountain ranges..
  • In the resort of Yaremche, guests are offered a lot of entertainment - mountain and flat skiing, sleigh rides, dog sledding, and after an active day in the fresh air in the local hotels you can always warm up in the sauna and taste excellent Transcarpathian cuisine.

Where not to rest in Ukraine?


  • Resorts of Ukraine
  • Resorts of Ukraine