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Tours to Halong

Tours to Halong

The once popular film "Avatar" caused quite a legitimate admiration among many viewers not so much for the plot as for the unique landscapes accompanying the main characters along the course of the action. Cliffs of unprecedented shapes and sizes soaring in the air, it turns out, exist on our planet, and the participants of the tour to Halong can admire them enough. This resort in the northeastern part of Vietnam is gaining popularity every year and becomes a tasty morsel for a traveler who puts aesthetic pleasures in the first place..

According to UNESCO

However, fans of a comfortable stay on the beaches of Halong will also like it. The artificial sandy surface is kept perfectly clean, and the warm water during the long season allows you to enjoy comfortable swims.
And yet, the main attraction of the Vietnamese resort is its bay, listed by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage Site. More than three thousand islands, rocks and cliffs drift in Halong Bay, each of which amazes the imagination with its fantastic shapes.
An ancient legend explains the appearance of relief diversity very simply: the once hardworking dragon who lived in these places dug its tail through intricately curved valleys and hollows. They were filled with sea water, and now everyone who comes on tours to Halong can admire this splendor. The dragon himself still lives in the sea, but he is friendly and peaceful, and the name of the bay and the resort means "the place where the dragon descended into the sea".

Briefly about the important

  • When booking tours to Halong, it is important to choose the right season. It is most humid in the resort in summer, when the rainy season comes. But at the same time it is warmest here - up to +30 degrees. Winter is dry, but cool and thermometers usually show in January no more than +15.
  • The nearest airport to Halong, where flights from the capital of Russia fly, is located in Hanoi, 3.5 hours away by car.
  • The most popular tourist attraction on a Halong tour is the Bay Cruise. Such an excursion usually lasts 2-3 days and involves an overnight stay on the ship. Swimming is accompanied by stops and sightseeing of the surroundings. Cruise participants get acquainted with the process of growing rice, climb the hills and communicate with representatives of the animal world. An exotic option for a cruise along the bay - ordering a junk boat from local fishermen who are ready to take tourists to the most interesting places at a reasonable price.


  • Tours to Halong
  • Tours to Halong