Holidays in Vietnam in July: prices and weather. Where to relax in Vietnam in July

Vacation in Vietnam in July

Vacation in Vietnam in July

This small southeastern state at one time was able to withstand the large and strong United States, which speaks of the courage and fortitude of the local residents. And the rapid development of all spheres of the Vietnamese national economy, including tourism, indicates that very hardworking people live here..

Here every guest is greeted with great dignity, despite the fact that a vacation in Vietnam in July may be accompanied by a large amount of rainfall, everything depending on the Vietnamese (accommodation, meals, excursions) will be at the highest level.

Climatic conditions of Vietnam

In this small country, the climate is subequatorial, which cannot but influence the appearance of a high and low tourist season. The first begins with the arrival of winter and lasts almost until April. In May, the rainy season begins, so the number of tourists decreases, but precipitation, heavenly guests of the country, increases before our eyes.

In July in Vietnam, rains are quite frequent, but thanks to the high temperatures, everything dries up quite quickly. In general, the weather conditions are quite comfortable, the air temperature in some cities reaches +29.6 ° C, humidity is at the level of 77-80%.

Capital rest

According to meteorological observations, it has been established that July is not the sunniest month of the Vietnamese year, many guests are forced to replace beach holidays with educational tourism and travel around the country, getting acquainted with amazing and mysterious places..

One of the most memorable travel experiences can begin in the capital of the country - the legendary Hanoi. According to the calendar of life, the city has already counted off a thousand years and is not going to stop. Over the centuries, it changed its name many times, but did not change its essence - to remain the safest and most peaceful among Asian cities..

In Hanoi itself, you can stroll along the narrow streets of the Old Quarter, get acquainted with the masterpieces of Vietnamese and French architecture, see magnificent temples, pagodas, palaces. And in the vicinity of the capital there are many places worth visiting..

Ancient capital

Not far from Hanoi are the remains of the ancient city of Koloa, which twice tried on the role of the capital city. Now here you can see only traces of the former city and military greatness. This amazing place has preserved religious relics such as the pagoda, Baosong or Michou temple. And the Well of Ngoc or the majestic Palace of Ngus has gained great popularity among guests due to its kind of mystical relics.

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  • Vacation in Vietnam in July
  • Vacation in Vietnam in July