Rio de Janeiro Zoo - photo, price, opening hours. How to get to the zoo in Rio de Janeiro

Zoo in Rio de Janeiro

Zoo in Rio de Janeiro

The first visitors to the zoo in Rio de Janeiro appeared here in 1945. It was then that a menagerie was opened in the former Brazilian residence of the Portuguese royal family, which has now become a popular urban tourist attraction. The zoo covers an area of ​​14 hectares, and its guests represent the fauna of almost all continents.


Impressive massive gates adorn the entrance to the park and are an architectural monument of the century before last. They were presented for the wedding of the Brazilian Empress Maria Leopoldina and Prince Don Pedro de Alcantara I. Immediately behind them, the guest opens the wonderful world of flora and fauna of the South American continent, widely represented in numerous expositions of the park.
The name of the Rio de Janeiro Zoo is synonymous with the zoological guide, which most fully tells about tropical birds and animals. Several hundred species of representatives of the fauna of Brazilian forests are collected here, including parrots and primates, toucans and anacondas, hummingbirds and crocodiles, alpacas and sloths.

Pride and achievement

One of the most popular pavilions in the park is the aquarium, which recreates the underwater atmosphere of the Amazon River. Predatory piranhas, dangerous alligators and multi-meter boas evoke the most conflicting feelings in visitors - admiration and danger.

How to get there?

The Rio Zoo is located near the Maracanã Stadium in the Quinta da Boa Vista palace and park complex. The park was laid out near an estate built at the beginning of the 19th century by the wealthy Portuguese Lopes. After Brazil gained independence, the park was nationalized and the National Museum and Zoo was organized in it. Since then, the complex on a hill above Guanabara Bay has been a favorite vacation spot for both residents and guests of Rio..
Zoo Address - Parque da Quinta Boa Vista, s / n - São Cristóvão, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20940-040, Brazil.
The nearest metro station in Rio de Janeiro, from where the zoo is just a few minutes away, is São Cristóvão.

Helpful information

The Rio de Janeiro Zoo is open six days a week, except Mondays. Opening hours - from 09.00 to 16.30. During school holidays, the park sometimes closes later and it is best to inquire about changes in the schedule by calling the administration.

The price of a full adult ticket is R $ 10, a discount ticket is half that. The right to a discount, subject to the presentation of a document with a photo, are:

  • Full-time students of universities and colleges.
  • Seniors over 60 years old.

Children under one meter in height and persons with disabilities are eligible for free admission.

Services and contacts

The zoo in Rio does not have its own official website, but a special section of the city government portal is dedicated to it -

By phone +55 21 3878 4200 you can get all the information you need in Portuguese.

Photos of the Rio de Janeiro Zoo

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  • Zoo in Rio de Janeiro
  • Zoo in Rio de Janeiro