Taxi in Rio de Janeiro - prices, order. How much does a taxi cost in Rio de Janeiro

Taxi in Rio de Janeiro

Taxi in Rio de Janeiro

Taxis in Rio de Janeiro are official yellow cars with blue stripes. These cars have taximeters and red license plates. In addition, there are air-conditioned radio taxis in Rio - they have fixed prices, so the fare in such taxis does not depend on the time of day when the trip is made, and is not affected in any way by idle traffic..

Taxi services in Rio

You can stop the car on the street (just raise your hand) or go for a free car to a specialized parking lot (look for them near beaches, shops and other busy places). It's easy to find out if a car is free in front of you - on such a car you will see a raised red flag.

Keep in mind that if you come across an unofficial taxi, the taxi driver will most likely tell you a price that is 2 or even 3 times the standard fare..

If you wish, you can make a call to pick up a car from the hotel, but in this case the fare will be more expensive. You can call a taxi by contacting one of the taxi companies: Coopertramo Radiotaxi: (21) 2209 9292, 2560 2022; Central Taxi: (21) 2195 1000; Liber Taxi: (21) 3105 0500; Coopatur Radiotaxi: (21) 3885 1000, 2573 1009. If necessary, you can order a taxi for the disabled in Rio - this service is provided by CoopTaxiRJ: (21) 3295 9606.

Since not every driver speaks English, so that he does not have any difficulties with understanding which object you need to get to, you should take with you a sheet with the address of this place written in Portuguese.

Air taxi in Rio

Sightseeing flights are organized for those who wish (you can clarify the details and make an order by phone: 220 5000). On average, a 5-minute ride costs R $ 30.

Taxi cost in Rio de Janeiro

Anyone who is puzzled by the question: "How much does a taxi cost in Rio de Janeiro?" Can clarify the situation with prices by looking at the information below:

  • for boarding passengers take 5 reais, and for each km traveled - 2 reais;
  • a simple car and waiting costs for passengers 25 reais / 1 hour;
  • night rates are 20% more expensive than day rates.

On average, a trip from the airport to the city center costs 30-60 reais, from Ipanema to Copacabana - 6 reais, from Copacabana to the historic center - 20 reais.

Before the taxi starts to move, you should make sure that the driver has reset the counter and that the number 1 is displayed on it if you are driving during the day or number 2 if you are taking a taxi at night, on holidays and on weekends. Since taxi drivers are reluctant to give change, it is advisable to stock up on small money before the trip, and since accepting credit cards is a rarity, you need to have enough cash with you.

Despite the well-developed bus network in Rio, in some cases it is easier to get to the desired place by taxi.

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