Where is the best place to relax in Brazil. Where to go in Brazil?

Where to relax in Brazil

Where to relax in Brazil

Brazil is a paradise for sun lovers, beach lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. This hospitable country annually offers its resorts to thousands of tourists. But when you come here for the first time, you will certainly wonder where is the best place to relax in Brazil.?

Beach vacation

Beach holidays in Brazil are represented by a large number of resorts. Pebble or sandy, the most popular or deserted, with white, golden and even black sand - there are beaches that can satisfy any tourist's needs.

The world famous Copacabana Beach undoubtedly ranks first among the most sought-after beach destinations. During the day, here you can just sunbathe on the sand or do your favorite water sport. In the evening, you should definitely visit one of the local clubs and have fun with the sounds of Brazilian music until the early morning. Copacabana is like an eternal celebration where the fun never ends.

Quiet family vacation

If you prefer a quieter and more secluded pastime, Ipanema Beach, located in the southern part of Rio de Janeiro, is most likely suitable for you. In terms of its popularity, it is not much inferior to Copacabana, but still there are much fewer people here. Ipanema is ideal for families or young couples.

Excursion rest

In order to get acquainted with the sights of Brazil, it is worth adding two main cities to your excursion route - Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro.

  • Brasilia is the capital of the state and a fairly young city. Here you are unlikely to see ancient architectural monuments, but there will still be something to see. For a general acquaintance with the city and the country, it is worth visiting the Brazilian Museum, which contains exhibits that tell about all stages of the history of this state. In addition, you can visit one of the thematic exhibitions of the Institute of History or go to a play at the National Theater. If you are spending your holidays with children, be sure to take them to the local zoo or amusement park. Fans of light extreme sports can climb to the highest point of the city - the TV tower, which offers an amazing view of Brasilia. In the evening, you can diversify your leisure time by going to a restaurant or a nightclub..
  • Rio de Janeiro is a very busy and bustling city compared to Brasilia. It is here that all the holidays and festivals of the country are held, the main of which is the famous Brazilian Carnival. Most of the local attractions are concentrated in the Old Town. Here you can visit the National Museum of Fine Arts, the Municipal Theater and the Tiradentes Palace. Nature lovers will love the excursion to the Botanical Gardens and the Flamingo Park. And if you want something unusual, take a short cable car ride to Sugar Mountain.

When deciding where is the best place to relax in Brazil, do not limit yourself to just one place. Holidays in this country are very diverse and eventful, so you should try everything at once..

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