Holidays in Croatia in May: prices and weather. Where to relax in Croatia in May

Holidays in Croatia in May

Holidays in Croatia in May

Spring is entering its final stage, summer is almost outside the door and many tourists are in a hurry to open their holiday season. Croatia is the best suited for this: good location, access to the sea, nature, not spoiled «benefits» civilization. Holidays in Croatia in May will provide all the opportunities for a full-fledged pastime, combining beach fun, sunbathing, rich sightseeing trips and shopping.

Weather in Croatia in May

The final month of spring marks the beginning of the opening of the beach season. Tourists arriving on the Croatian coast eagerly indulge in sun and air baths. The invigorating freshness of sea baths is not to everyone's taste. With swimming, tourists will have to wait a little, the water temperature does not even reach +17 ° C, but the air warms up to +25 ° C.

Holidays in Brijuni

This is another group of Croatian islands worth visiting. The Brijuni archipelago is one of the five most beautiful national parks in the country and ranks high in the ratings of attractions.

According to a beautiful local legend, the islands were formed from stones that God did not have time to use to build an earthly paradise. Angels hid these pieces of paradise from the intrigues of devilish forces among the waves of the sea. And this is how the Brijuni archipelago appeared.

Comfortable climatic conditions make your stay here extremely comfortable. No wonder the former ruler of Yugoslavia Tito once built his summer residence here. Now everyone can have a rest on the islands, but only with a big wallet.

The rest of the tourists can take a trip to the sights of the national park to see the famous long-lived olive, which has been growing here for about 1600 years..

Diving in Croatia in May

The temperatures in May on the Croatian coastline allow the diving season to open. Divers all over the world have long been composing songs and hymns about the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic coast..

Among the favorable factors is the absence of strong underwater currents. And dives of different difficulty levels attract tourists who are taking their first steps to diving and experienced divers..

The first group can choose for diving places near the island of St. Ivan, where the bottom is flat with large colonies of various plants and rich fauna. Diving professionals choose the islands of Banel and Sturag, as well as the Galeb Walls, famous for their underwater caves..

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  • Holidays in Croatia in May
  • Holidays in Croatia in May