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Treatment in Croatia

Treatment in Croatia

On the tourist map of the world, the cities of Croatia occupy a worthy place in the list of European beach resorts. Comfortable hotels, legendary Balkan hospitality and Mediterranean cuisine make summer holidays on the Adriatic Riviera complete, enjoyable and healthy. No less travelers prefer treatment in Croatia, because its thermal springs and other natural wonders can forever get rid of health problems and add positive and good mood..

Important rules

When choosing a resort for treatment in Croatia, it is best to book a tour to a specialized sanatorium, whose treatment programs are built taking into account the specifics of each group of diseases. Croatian resorts have various specializations:

  • Varaždinske Toplice is famous for its hydrogen sulfide mineral waters and muds, which help to rehabilitate after injuries or orthopedic interventions. The composition of the thermal water of the local spring regulates the blood sugar level, which greatly facilitates the condition of patients with diabetes..
  • Bathing in the therapeutic baths of the Stubicke Toplice resort relieves inflammation of the joints of various etiologies and helps to relieve the main symptoms of vegetative-vascular dystonia.
  • Gynecological and andrological ailments in the sanatoriums of Tuchelske Toplice are treated with bathing in thermal baths and mud applications.
  • The volcanic mud of the Daruvar resort is a panacea for infertility caused by inflammatory processes and the basis of wellness programs.

How do they help here?

A trip to resorts and treatment in Croatia can be ordered from a tour operator or independently agree on procedures on the websites of sanatoriums. Experts will advise how much time you need to spend at the resort for a full-fledged treatment, select the optimal program depending on the stage of the disease and the patient's material capabilities.

Methods and achievements

One of the unique methods of treatment in Croatia is naftalan-based programs. This rare oil is capable of curing many diseases. Preparations based on naftalan relieve problems with the musculoskeletal system, reduce the manifestations of psoriasis, relieve the severity of gynecological inflammations. Ointments and medical irrigation, dressings and applications - the methods of treatment with naftalan are unique, and it is produced in Europe only in Croatia..

Issue price

The cost of treatment in Croatia is much lower than in the resorts of Switzerland or the Czech Republic. The price of a voucher to a sanatorium depends on the accommodation, the duration of the tour, and the chosen treatment program. The use of the thermal pools is usually included in the price of the hotel room, as is the breakfast buffet..


  • Treatment in Croatia
  • Treatment in Croatia
  • Treatment in Croatia