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The best resorts of Jordan

Jordan is, of course, an excellent beach holiday. But mostly people come here for the treatment that will be offered to you on the coast of the Dead and Red Seas. But Jordan is also the unique city of Petra, carved into a sheer cliff, and simply excellent entertainment, which the Aqaba resort is ready to present to its guests. The most interesting excursion programs and the best hotel complexes in the entire Middle East. All this will be offered to you by the best resorts in Jordan


The small village of Ajlun is interesting, first of all, for its Ayyubid castle. Erected on the top of the mountain in 1184, it served to protect the mines and the city itself from a possible attack. The observation deck of the castle offers a beautiful view of the valley, where the Jordan River paved itself.
In general, Ajlun Castle is the only example of Arab-Muslim architecture that has survived almost in its original form. The excellent condition of the dry moat, the drawbridge protecting the main gate, and the gate itself, decorated with stone pigeons, deserve close attention. The castle is no less beautiful inside, where the interior is represented by labyrinths of vaulted passages and staircases, dining rooms and chambers that once hosted the rulers of the castle..
There are also many holy places, in particular, the place where the prophet Elijah was born.


This Jordanian city harmoniously combines the new and the old. The modern buildings of hotels and restaurants, galleries and shops of the business center are located in the immediate vicinity of coffee shops and workshops, where, as before, artisans go about their business. Every corner is adorned with evidence of the city's vibrant past: the ruins of an ancient temple, the Umayyad palace, a church that stood here during the Byzantine period, and a Roman amphitheater.
The old part of Amman is its center. Modern Amman is located in the western part of the city. Only the Citadel survived from the ancient city, which, as before, guards the city, towering on a hill. Nearby are ruins belonging to the Umayyad palace park. And here you can see the remains of the Byzantine basilica.


The modern name of the city sounds differently - Umm Qays - once played a rather significant role in the cultural life of the country, and now it is known as the place where Jesus healed the demoniac. Gadara - the place where Theodore spent his life, who founded the school of rhetoric in Rome itself.
The city is located on a hill and its streets offer magnificent views of the Jordan River and the Galilee Sea. The architecture of Gadara has retained its ancient colonnaded streets, vaulted terrace and picturesque amphitheater ruins. Gadary played a significant role in the distant past. They even minted their own coins here..

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