Holidays in Jordan in August: prices and weather. Where to relax in Jordan in August

Holidays in Jordan in August

Israel's neighbor is a serious contender in attracting tourists for recreation. The positive aspects are a calmer atmosphere, the absence of a crowd of tourists, colorful and rich bazaars.

Holidays in Jordan in August will allow you to get acquainted with the life of neighbors through travel to Syria or Israel, which will undoubtedly delight pilgrim tourists and those interested in the history of religions. Numerous spas dotting the shores of the Dead Sea will help more than one woman prolong her youth and preserve her beauty.

Climate of Jordan

The country's territory is influenced by the subtropical climate typical of Mediterranean countries. One feature is that the air is very dry, and the highest temperatures are in July, so when choosing this tourist destination it is worth stocking up on sunscreen.


The last month of summer seemed to have forgotten about the coming autumn and decided to continue the hot and dry period. Tourists who cannot boast of good health should limit their exposure to the sun during the day and refuse to visit the sights and beauties of the desert..

Many vacationers on the coast do not believe their eyes when they see the daytime temperature of August +40 ºC. Salvation is sought in the water, preferring to postpone excursion routes until the end of the rest.

Magic mountain

The mountain peak with the amazing name Heaven is located in the western part of Jordan. According to biblical legends, it was from here that the Lord showed the promised land to Moses. Today, on a clear day, while at the top, tourists can see Israeli Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley.

In addition, tourists will be able to see ancient monuments, including mosaic panels, the ruins of a temple built on the burial site of Moses (according to legend, his life ended on this mountain).

Jordanian Philadelphia

This is the name that the current Amman had during the reign of the Romans. During his long history, he had to endure a lot, to live under the rule of the Arab Caliphate and the Ottoman Empire.

Now artifacts from many centuries of Jordanian history are kept in numerous museums. Each of those traveling around the capital will find their own exposition, discover their own Jordan. In museum institutions you can get acquainted with archaeological research, traditions, crafts, fine arts. Male tourists will undoubtedly be amazed by the exposition of the Royal Automobile Museum.

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