Capital of Jordan: map, photo. What is the capital of Jordan?

Amman - the capital of Jordan

Amman is a relatively young, very modern city. Therefore, tourists expect some disappointments, especially if the purpose of the trip is acquaintance with historical sights. The capital of Jordan is conditionally divided into two parts - the old and the new. In East Amman, the spirit of the ancient Muslim world is preserved, unfortunately, these places are not very attractive for tourists. Poor people and Palestinian refugees live here. The western part of the capital, on the other hand, impresses with chic buildings, trendy restaurants and galleries..

Gold shopping

Souk can be considered a peculiar tourist attraction of the capital of Jordan. - «Gold bazaar». It is located in the very heart of Amman, and its main product is, indeed, made of gold..

A rare tourist will be able to resist buying an exquisite bracelet or twisted gold chain, and other precious jewelry hand-made by local jewelers. Among the traditional goods that are in demand among the guests of the capital are: ceramics; famous oriental carpets and pillows; rich embroidery; inlay on wood and metal.

A pleasant bonus for customers is a cup of aromatic coffee from the owner of the establishment. This technique is justified, almost no tourist leaves the souvenir shop without shopping. Many global brands at fair prices can be found in large shopping malls.

Entertainment and attractions

There are not many monuments on the map of modern Amman that attract visitors to the city. But tourists keen on history find something to see. For example, the Citadel, the ruins of a Byzantine basilica or the Great Temple of Amman, which has another name - the Temple of Hercules.

Many local tour operators offer excursion to «Kang Zaman». It is a restored complex including living quarters, warehouses and stables. Guests have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the entertainment of the ancient Amman people, for example, smoke a hookah, drink coffee brewed according to old Jordanian traditions, get acquainted with traditional crafts and creations of modern masters..

An excursion to the so-called «Pompeii of the East» - an hour's drive from the capital is the ancient city of Jerash. Here you can walk along the ancient streets framed by columns, see Jordanian amphitheaters and Byzantine churches.