Holidays in Jordan in January: prices and weather. Where to relax in Jordan in January

Holidays in Jordan in January

January is considered one of the best months for a holiday in Jordan. However, what weather conditions can tourists expect??

1. The air temperature fluctuates between + 11 ... + 13C in Amman. However, the true pleasure of traveling will not be possible due to the frequent rains. If you plan to visit Ajlun or Jerash, be sure to take an umbrella.
2. In the central regions of Jordan and in Petra, the temperature ranges from + 12 ... + 14C during the day, and at night it gets colder to + 2 ... + 4C.
3. In Aqaba, which is the only seaside resort and port in Jordan, you will be able to enjoy the soft warmth, because the temperature is + 20 ... + 22C. In addition, there is no rain at all at the resort..

The average water temperature in the Red and Dead Seas in the middle of winter is + 21C, so every tourist gets a chance to enjoy swimming. If you decide to visit Aqaba, take the chance to visit the diving center, which provides training according to the standards of the BS-AC, PADI, SSI associations. It is important to note that the visibility under water averages 35 - 40 meters, so you can appreciate the beauty of the underwater world..

Holidays in Jordan in January

As you know, Jordan is distinguished by bright holidays, which are characterized by special traditions. January was no exception, because on the 15th, the entire local population celebrates the holiday of tree planting..

The holiday is celebrated annually for three days, from 15 to 18 January. Tree Day has ancient traditions and religious roots. It is important to note that the people of Jordan consider the palm to be a sacred tree. On holidays, all people strive to take part in the planting of tens of thousands of seedlings. The planting is attended not only by ordinary residents, but also by employees of government agencies and ministries, the king and queen. Perhaps, despite the fact that you are a tourist, you can take part in the landing, because this will allow you to feel the general atmosphere.

Prices in January for holidays in Jordan

Are you planning a vacation to Jordan in January? In this case, you should prepare for the fact that by January 1, prices are rapidly increasing, and a decrease in the cost of tour packages is noted only from the 15th, after the New Year's excitement has passed..

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