Season in Jordan. When is the holiday season in Jordan?

Season in Jordan

The holiday season in Jordan is all year round, but spring and autumn are more favorable times to visit this hospitable country..

Tourist season in Jordan

  • Spring: in spring you can spend time on the Jordanian coast (during the day the air warms up to + 24-29 degrees). Since there is no sweltering heat during this time of year, you can devote your holiday to sightseeing and wellness. It is comfortable to swim in May, but it is worth considering that it gets pretty chilly in the evenings, so you should take warm clothes with you on vacation..
  • Summer: summer months are hot (air + 38-40, water + 26-27 degrees), so at this time it is advisable to relax on the beaches and in spa centers, as well as to devote your vacation to water activities and night excursions.
  • Autumn: on the Red Sea (water + 28 degrees) you can go diving, and on the Dead Sea (water +32 degrees) - use the services of health centers.
  • Winter: winter months can be devoted to sightseeing and wellness programs.
  • You can find warmth at the Dead Sea and in the Gulf of Aqaba; in the north, in the area of ​​Anglun and Es Salta, it rains and strong winds blow (January-February); and in Amman it may even snow.

Beach season in Jordan

Even at the height of the swimming season (April-end of May, September-November) there are no crowds of tourists on the Jordanian coast, so during these periods you will find complete relaxation and opportunities for water entertainment..

The most popular Jordanian resort is Aqaba: rocky beaches are waiting for you in the south of the resort, and sandy beaches in the north (if you wish, you can relax on the sandy-pebble Movenpick beach).

Wellness season

Good weather always reigns at the resorts of the Dead Sea (health and beauty centers are at your service), so you can come for treatment whenever you want, but, for example, it is advisable to treat skin diseases in September-June, respiratory diseases - April-October, and to normalize the nervous system, you should come to Jordan in September-May.


Diving can be practiced even in winter, but the best visibility (30-40 m) is typical for May-October.

Popular dive sites in Aqaba can be found in the large Marine Park: here you can inspect the wreck of the Lebanese cargo ship Cedar Pride (inspection of this object is available even for novice divers). Professionals should visit the crash site of barge C486B Taiyong.

If you want to take underwater photos, then you should visit the Aquarium Coral Garden. And for night diving, you can go to the Welcome Reef area (here you will see many lobsters and starfish).

On vacation in Jordan, pilgrimage tours, the Dead Sea, a rich excursion program, snorkeling, diving, the Wadi Rum desert are waiting for you.