Holidays in Jordan in September: prices and weather. Where to relax in Jordan in September

Holidays in Jordan in September

The weather conditions in Jordan in September can be called special for residents of the CIS countries, so they should be known to successfully plan a tourist trip. So what kind of weather should you count on?

  • Summer sun activity begins to decline, but temperatures remain high. During the day, the air warms up to + 30 ... 34C, depending on the region. If you can easily endure the heat, Jordan can take a break in September as the sun gets softer. However, be prepared for the temperature to drop to + 15… 18C at night. The hottest city is Aqaba, where temperatures range from + 23C to + 36C.
  • The weather is ready to please with calmness. There is no rain, which makes the stay truly enjoyable.
  • In September, you can enjoy beach holidays, water sports. The Red Sea warms up to + 28C, and the Dead Sea - up to + 31C. Divers have a great opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the underwater world.

Weather conditions make your vacation truly enjoyable and valuable.

Travel Opportunities to Jordan in September

Holidays in Jordan in September can be fun despite the lack of festivals and other significant events. So how can you spend your time?

Every tourist has the opportunity to enjoy excursions allowing to see numerous ancient monuments. Among the most interesting cities in Jordan, Petra, stretched out in the mountains of the desert, should be noted. In addition, you can see Umayyad castles in the desert, Jerash, Madaba with numerous Christian churches, Bethany, Crusader fortresses. Sights reflect a rich history and unusual culture, so the excursion program will give you an unforgettable experience.

Despite the fact that the heat gradually subsides, the hot sun still warms the air. The comfortable night temperature allows you to spend the night in a Bedouin tent in the desert, taking advantage of a unique chance to experience a way of life that is unusual and unaccustomed. Bedouins are willing to show hospitality by offering herbal tea. Such experience is a must!

Jordan is a special country, so the absence of festivals in September will not overshadow your vacation. Competently planning a tourist trip, you can have an interesting and unforgettable time, enjoying a beach vacation and discovering the facets of one of the most unusual cultures in the world.!

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