Holidays in Jordan in November: prices and weather. Where to relax in Jordan in November

Holidays in Jordan in November

Not only lovers of a beautiful oriental flavor come to rest in Jordan in November, but also inveterate lovers who are ready to plunge headlong into the world of endless entertainment of a magnificent cultural and beach resort.

What to do in Jordan in November

First of all, the wonderful beaches of Jordan are worth noting. Here, on the shores of the Red and Dead Sea, golden stripes of comfortable and always hospitable beaches are spread.
Thousands of underwater sports enthusiasts come here every year. Diving in the waters here
leaves an indelible impression: crystal clear sea waters, wealth of the underwater kingdom,
a variety of exotic fish, colorful corals and shipwrecks in past centuries.

All tourists who come here can appreciate the wonderful gifts of the Dead Sea..
In the first half of November, you can safely go here for treatment for those who suffer from various skin diseases. The other half is suitable for the treatment of bronchitis and asthma. All year round, the magical waters of the sea help to heal various ENT diseases.

Lovers of cultural and educational recreation are offered various excursions to local attractions. Among the most popular:

1. Jerash City (also known as the City of a Thousand Pillars);
2. The magnificent mosaic city of Madabu;
3. Mount Heaven (according to legends, this very mountain is the place of death of the prophet Moses);
4. Mount Saint Elijah the Prophet Tel-el-Harrar;
5. Wadi Rum Desert, known for its unique natural phenomenon in the form of pink sand rocks
and many other beauties.

Weather in Jordan in November

Holidays in Jordan in November promises to be not only entertaining, but also comfortable in terms of the weather.
November temperatures are kept at an average of 25 degrees. The nights are cool, but no less cozy. In this month, tourists do not have to languish from the heat and spend all their rest time looking for a cool place to rest. That is why this month is perfect for excursions. In such weather, you can lie on the beach and soak up the warm waters of the local sea.

Useful souvenirs from an oriental tale

The riches of the Dead Sea are used by local craftsmen to make medicinal cosmetic products, which tourists are happy to take home as gifts..
It is impossible not to taste the excellent local sweets. Oriental confectionery products of these places are famous all over the world, and local dried fruits are considered one of the best among all producers in Arab countries..

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