Airport in Mexico City: scheme, photo. How to get to Mexico City airport

Airport in Mexico City

Airport in Mexico City

Mexico's main airport is located in its capital, Mexico City, and is called Benito Juarez Airport (president of the country from 1867 to 1872). The airport is located in a rather elevated place - 2230 meters above sea level. In terms of passenger traffic, the airport ranks second in Latin America, behind Brazilian airport São Paulo. In recent years, it has handled about 30 million passengers a year, with a maximum capacity of 32 million. It should be noted, however, that the airport has virtually no room for expansion due to its location in a densely populated area of ​​the city..
Benito Juarez Airport has 2 runways with a length of 3900 and 3952 meters.
The airport is the main hub for the Mexican airline Aeromexico.


Airport in Mexico City has 2 terminals.
Terminal 1 was built in 58 of the last century, its area is 542 thousand square meters. m. It serves airlines such as Aeromexico, United Airlines, Iberia, etc..
Terminal 2 was built in 2007, replacing the old terminal, which had a much lower capacity. From this terminal there are flights to Latin American countries and within the country..


The airport in Mexico City strives to ensure the most comfortable stay of its passengers, providing the necessary services on the road..
There are cafes and restaurants for hungry passengers. There are also shops on the territory of the terminals.
In addition, there are bank branches, ATMs, a post office, a mother and child room, luggage storage, etc..
There is a deluxe lounge for business class passengers.
Car rental companies operate on the territory of the terminal..


Passengers can only get between the terminals by bus, which runs from five in the morning to one in the morning. For transit passengers with hand luggage, the Aerotren monorail service is also available.
From the airport to Mexico City, take the Metrobus number 4. The bus departs from both terminals and takes passengers to the city center for 30 pesos.
There is also a metro station next to Terminal 1, which operates from 5 am to midnight on weekdays. And on weekends - from 6 am to noon on Saturday and from 7 am to noon on Sunday.
Alternatively, you can use a taxi service.

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