Beaches in Mexico: photo. The best sandy beaches in Mexico

Mexico beaches

Mexico beaches

Mexico is one of the most popular countries for tourists. They are attracted by a vibrant culture, echoes of ancient history in the ruins of cities of Mesoamerican civilization, unique architecture of both ancient and modern buildings, burning dishes of local cuisine.

But most of the guests come to the country to relax at the resorts. Mostly Americans spend their vacations in Mexico, Europeans, residents of Latin America and Asia are less represented. The most popular season starts in winter and ends in July.

The beaches in Mexico are municipal, that is, they are free. The coasts are covered with pure white or golden sand, on which you can find mother-of-pearl shells of different shapes and colors, starfish. Flags are posted on the coasts: white indicates excellent swimming conditions, green indicates that conditions are normal, yellow indicates that the situation is uncertain, red or black indicates danger.

The Riviera Maya is a famous tourist area that stretches for 100 km along the Caribbean Sea. The most interesting resorts in the region:

  1. Cancun;
  2. Tulum;
  3. Akumal.


Despite the name (translated from the Mayan language "Kancan" - "magic snake"), poisonous snakes are not found here. The city has a well-developed infrastructure, there is an opportunity to go in for water sports, fish.

The resort annually receives about 4 million guests, who are attracted by the snow-white shores surrounded by palm trees, a variety of water activities.


The resort area includes Tulum Playa with restaurants, clubs, hotels and ecological cottages. One of the best and most beautiful coastal areas in Mexico is located in the ruins of Tulum, not far from the El Castillo monument..

The warm sea with a smooth approach to the water, in which the glare of the sun plays, and the soft sand of the coast, combined with the time-eaten ruins of Mayan cities, leaves a vivid impression.


The settlement with the ancient name was founded quite recently (in 1958) by the historian writer Pablo Busch Romero, who wanted to create a diving club. Akumal Bay and Half Moon Bay have excellent conditions for this: the water is clear and very calm, there are practically no waves.

The bays divide the coast into two zones with white sand and abundant vegetation. Here you can relax in silence and unity with nature. The best sandy beaches in Mexico are located in such places of the Mayan Riviera as Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras, on the island of Cozumel.

Mexico has a tremendous spiritual heritage of powerful civilizations, a distinctive culture and the best coasts. The combination of the mystery of ancient ruins and the beauty of the azure sea will fill your vacation with unforgettable impressions.

Photos of the beaches of Mexico

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  • Mexico beaches
  • Mexico beaches
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