Culture of Mexico: traditions, features

Culture of mexico

Culture of mexico

Like most countries in Central and South America, Mexico experienced all the charm of the colonialist policy of the Old World, and therefore strong cocktails from the blood of the Indians who once inhabited these lands and the Spanish conquistadors who came to conquer in the 17th century flow in the veins of its modern inhabitants. new territories.
A no less cocktail is the culture of Mexico, which has been formed over several centuries from the customs of the indigenous population and trends and trends brought from Europe. Infused in the hot Mexican sun, generously watered with tequila and flavored with the salt of the Caribbean Sea, it turned out to be bright, distinctive and unique in its own way..

Pre-Columbian legacy

Deep knowledge in the field of astronomy, architectural masterpieces and amazing abilities in processing materials of a very different nature were presented to the descendants of the Mexican Indians from the Mayan civilization. Many mysteries that have remained from those tribes have not yet been solved, and the ancient Mayan cities were included by UNESCO in the lists of the World Cultural Heritage of Humanity..
The pyramids and temples erected by the Maya Indians are striking in their magnificence, size and variety of shapes. Tourists tend to visit the most famous ancient cities - Palenque, Uxmal, Chichen Itza and Tulum, in order to touch the amazing heritage left by their ancestors.
Some of the treasures of the Maya and Aztec Indians are kept by the National Anthropological Museum in the capital of Mexico City, the exposition of which can tell almost everything about the culture of Mexico.

Undaunted Dead

Holidays are of great importance in the life of Mexicans, celebrated noisy, bright and colorful. Day of the Dead is considered one of the most unusual but attractive in Mexican culture. Residents of Central America believe that in early November, the souls of deceased ancestors return to their homes, and therefore these days Mexicans decorate their homes in a variety of ways..
The goddess of death Katrina appears in the form of a pretty painted skeleton, and the living participants of the celebration try to be like her in everything. The holiday, despite its aesthetics, does not look sad, but on the contrary serves as an excellent occasion for the whole family to meet at a richly decorated table. Mexicans are very philosophical about death, they try not to be sad even at funerals, and therefore, in the culture of Mexico, ceremonies associated with the death of a person usually look quite colorful and positive..


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