Peculiarities of Mexico - communication, cuisine, traditions

Features of Mexico

Features of Mexico

Are you going to Mexico or just want to know what this country is interesting for? National characteristics of Mexico are specific laws and rules of life, norms of behavior established by time. Arriving in Mexico and starting to communicate with the locals, you may notice that these people are very kind and cheerful almost always..

They are outgoing and friendly, but Mexicans have their own little quirks. It is very easy to offend a Mexican person. But earning forgiveness is difficult. Try to be careful with your various statements and jokes. They can be misinterpreted.

Mexican families

In Mexico, marriage and everything that is connected with it is very much appreciated. Mexican families almost always have many children who are loved and pampered in every way. Special reverence and respect is for mothers. To say an insulting word towards the mother is considered a great sin, which will be very difficult for a Mexican to forgive. You cannot tell jokes about mothers or older family members. Mexicans don't like to be interrupted and never do it themselves. They respectfully listen to what their parents and older relatives have to say..

Punctuality is hard to get from people in Mexico. They love to chat on various topics, and are reputed to be real gossips. Very often you can see several Mexicans talking with enthusiasm to each other right in the middle of the street..

What to fear in Mexico?

  • You need to be careful in crowded places. Pickpockets "work" here, who are considered real dodgers and will leave you without a wallet and phone in a matter of seconds.
  • Avoiding provincial areas at night is a basic rule for visitors.
  • It is advisable to ride in a car, bus or train only during daylight hours.


Mexico is a very colorful country. Handmade fabrics purchased in the markets can be called very good purchases. Crockery and baskets are also beautiful and original. Pay attention to the products in the form of frogs. This is a special sign for the Mexicans, who greatly revere these amphibians..

Handicrafts made of leather, onyx, straw and copper will become a memorable gift for all tourists. If you bought silver in Mexico, then pay attention to its standard - it must be with the number 925! In shopping centers, tourists can always buy inexpensive clothes from famous brands..


  • Features of Mexico
  • Features of Mexico
  • Features of Mexico