Trip to Mexico

Trip to Mexico

Trip to Mexico

A trip to Mexico will be in vain if you do not ride along the Sochemilco canals, climb the pyramids of the Sun and Moon in Teotiucan and, of course, do not learn how to drink tequila correctly..

Public transport

The most popular option for traveling between cities in the country is a bus. The cars are generally very clean and comfortable enough for long journeys. In addition, the travel schedule is followed exactly. Bus routes connect almost all the settlements of the country, so you can get to the local "hinterland" without any problems.

In cities, transport is also represented by buses. But they often turn out to be overcrowded. A ticket for travel can be bought at a specially designed kiosk or directly from the driver.


In the most visited places in the country there are special route taxis designed specifically for tourists - "pesero". The fare depends on the duration of the trip.

The capital of the country offers several types of taxis. The car can be easily caught on the street. If the sign “free” is visible on the roof, then the driver will certainly stop. You can also order a taxi by phone.

The fare must be negotiated in advance, before boarding, as taxi drivers always try to inflate the real cost of the trip. And even a meter in the car is not a guarantee of a fixed payment..


The Mexico City subway has nine lines. It covers the central districts of the capital, and also allows you to get to the airport and railway station. On weekdays, the metro starts at 5:00 and closes at 0:30. On Sundays and holidays - from 7:00 to 0:30, on Saturday - from 6 in the morning until half past one at night.

If you are on the metro during rush hour, you should only have light luggage with you. Special carriages are allocated for women and children during these hours..

Air transport

The country has a wide route network of domestic flights. Large cities "exchange" flights up to 2-3 times a day. And in the most attractive cities for tourists, for example, Acapulco and Cancun, there are up to 7 flights daily from Mexico City airport..

Railway transport

There is practically no passenger traffic in the country. Commuter trains run only on the Chihuahua - Los-Mochis route.

Car rental

If you wish, you can rent a car. Basic requirements: international driving license; driver's age over 21.

The average daily cost of the arena is about $ 40-60. If the car is rented for more than a month, then the fee is much lower. Insurance is already included in the daily rental price.


  • Trip to Mexico
  • Trip to Mexico