Flag of Mexico: photo, history, meaning of the colors of the national flag of Mexico

Mexico flag

Mexico flag
The Mexican flag has a classic rectangular shape and includes three vertical stripes of equal size with a side ratio of 4: 7. In the central, white stripe, the coat of arms of Mexico is depicted. The right stripe is green, indicating the hope of the people and the fertility of the local soil. White is associated with spiritual purity, and red reminds of the blood that was shed in the battles for the country's independence. An eagle is depicted as the emblem, and this choice is not accidental. There is an Aztec legend about the god Huitzilopochtli, who told the Aztecs that on the land suitable for life, they should find an eagle, which will sit among the stones at the top of the cactus and eat the ground. Tradition says that in the place where such an eagle was found, they built the first temple in honor of the aforementioned god. However, there is another variation of this legend, according to which the found eagle pecked a snake. That is why the current Mexican flag depicts him with a reptile in his beak. The flag with this coat of arms was officially adopted on September 16, 1968.
As for the flag of the country, it has its own unique history. He first began to appear after winning the battles for independence. One of the heroes of this war, Costilla and Don Miguel Hidalgo, in 1810 depicted the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe on the banner of the rebels. And in 1815 the Supreme Congress adopted as many as three banners: trade, military and parliamentary. The military banner consisted of white and blue squares, arranged in a checkerboard pattern, and had an eagle in the center.
Different rebel leaders used different flags, but in February 1821 a prototype of the modern flag was created, also consisting of three stripes of red, green and white, each with a star. The phrase, written on the central page, read: "Religion, independence, unity." However, then the colors had a slightly different meaning, in particular, white was associated with religion, green with independence, and red with the unity of the Mexicans..
After the introduction of the republican regime in 1823, it was decided to get rid of the crown on the eagle's head and decorate the flag with laurel and oak branches. In 1865, during the reign of Emperor Maximilian, the symbol of royal power was nevertheless returned, this continued until 1880, when the state was headed by President P. Diaz.
However, Don Venustiano Carranza, who was in power in 1916, adopted a decree, which established that the eagle is depicted in profile, sits on a prickly pear and is framed from below with oak and laurel branches. The eagle is currently a symbol of the sun, which gives people light and life..

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