Holidays in Mexico in April: prices and weather. Where to relax in Mexico in April

Holidays in Mexico in April

Holidays in Mexico in April

The once mighty empire of the Aztecs, of course, could save little from those great times. But even today this country surprises even a seasoned and very advanced tourist. It doesn't matter if he chooses Mexico vacation in April or any other month of the year. The main thing is that everyone here will find rest according to the abilities, desires and capabilities of the wallet..

Mexican climate and weather

This country is prudently located in the zone of the tropics (southern territories) and subtropics (northern part), which presupposes rather warm weather all year round. The second feature is the sharp difference between the seasons in terms of humidity..

The dry season ends in April, rains are almost on the doorstep. The cyclone that forms over the territory of Mexico during this period will affect the weather forecast in the next few months..

This is the most comfortable month for small tourists, so Mexican hotels and beaches are filled with families from all over the world. The temperature background is within the optimal range, from +25 ° C to +30 ° C.

Beach Holidays in Mexico

This is probably the most important activity in April. It is difficult to break away from the white beaches. You can endlessly look at the turquoise of the ocean surface. Those who want to get to know the underwater kingdom better, master flippers and masks, draw beautiful landscapes for the time being. Those who descend under the water will be able to see that real sea paintings are much brighter, richer, more picturesque than the wildest fantasies.

Mexican bullfight

This amazing spectacle, together with the first conquistadors, came to Mexico and took root here, among the locals, famous for hot blood and passion. In general, April tourists were very lucky, especially those who saw the Plaza Mexico, the famous Mexican bullfight. Those who have planned a vacation for the last month of spring will only have to listen to stories about the magnificent spectacle and the real battles of the giants..

Several interesting facts distinguish the local bullfight from similar spectacular events in Europe. Matadors of any age can take part in the bullfight. The main character traits should be courage and confidence in their invincibility. The second point, the performance must be complete, no one has the right to leave the battlefield. Cowards running away from the scene are arrested. In addition, they literally take off their pigtail, as a sign that they will never be able to take part in bullfighting again..

Vacation photos in Mexico

  • Holidays in Mexico in April
  • Holidays in Mexico in April