Holidays in Mexico in January: prices and weather. Where to relax in Mexico in January

Holidays in Mexico in January

Holidays in Mexico in January

Mexico attracts many tourists with its historical past, well-preserved ancient temples and pyramids, which were built by the Incas and Aztecs. Therefore, for many tourists, especially Europeans, vacation in this country at any time of the year is associated with acquaintance with these ancient civilizations. The beginning of the year for such a trip is quite a good time, because the average temperature here is very comfortable at about +27 degrees, and the sea warms up to + 24-25. Therefore, a vacation in Mexico in January is a pleasure..

Although, of course, in the mountains, in the highlands at this time, snow can fall and the temperature drops. But in Acapulco and at this time it is hot! It feels like eternal summer reigns here. And this is so, because even in the coastal regions of this country, beautiful royal butterflies can be seen in January. They come here from the northern regions of this country.

Chichen Itza - the center of an ancient civilization

A lot has been written about this city, it is not for nothing that it was recognized as a new wonder of the world and now it is under the protection of UNESCO. Much has been restored here, more impressive:

  • The 25-meter high pyramid of Kukulkan, as experts now believe, is nothing more than a calendar.
  • Ancient observatory,
  • Temple of Warriors,
  • Sacred well (almost 50 meters deep).

The Temple of Warriors is crowned with the figure of the Rain God, and the baths are located nearby, but they are all in ruins. By the way, for the Maya, the baths had a mystical meaning, because ancient people believed that entering here they cleanse not only bodies, but souls. You can get here by buses from Merida or Cancun.

Mexico City

In Mexico City, of interest is the residence of the emperors - Chapultepec Palace, from where a magnificent panorama opens up. And the Museum of Anthropology here is also the most visited in the world, because receives more than two million tourists a year. And 40 km from the capital there is another ancient city of Teotihuacan, which is called the "ghost town". People lived here more than 2 thousand years ago and believed that the Gods flew to them from heaven, because the translation of this name says that this is the place where "Gods touch the earth".

There are thousands of hotels in Mexico designed for different categories of vacationers, but it is still better to book places in advance, because the influx of tourists to this country is huge.

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