Bus tours to Scandinavia. The cost of bus tours in Scandinavia 2016

Bus tours to Scandinavia

Bus tours to Scandinavia

What if you decide to take a summer vacation, but you absolutely do not want to spend it on the seaside? Do you want to relax, but have long been tired of the heat and dream of saving coolness somewhere in the north? Bus tours to Scandinavia are what will help you have a good vacation without suffering from stuffiness and excessive sunburn.

Scandinavia is a very calm and original corner of Europe, which includes Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. The history of these countries is very rich, because it was here that the legendary Vikings were born, who are still inspired by the creators of cinematic and literary masterpieces of our time. A tour of places of historical importance will acquaint you with the culture of these cold countries and the mentality of the local population.

Attractions and features of tours

There are many options for tours to the Scandinavian countries, and very often weekend tours are booked, since the geographical location of these countries favors such a short trip. You can spend a weekend or family holidays in the capital of Finland, or you can book an exciting ferry cruise. In Norway, you will see the famous fjords and marvel at the magnificence of the local nature. The Norwegian fjords are famous all over the world, and you will have the opportunity to see them in person. The whole territory of Norway is dotted with fjords, which makes it extremely picturesque and inspiringly beautiful..

Most often, the following excursions are booked:

  1. «Two capitals» - a three-day tour of Helsinki, Turku and Stockholm, plus a ferry cruise;
  2. «Northern Crown» - a five-day tour of Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen, plus a ferry cruise;
  3. «Scandinavian saga» - tour of six days in major cities of the Scandinavian countries.

Of course, the longer the tour is, the higher the final price will be. On average, it makes sense to book 5-7-day tours, during which you will have time to explore several countries. Tours to Scandinavia are suitable for tourists of any age: the elderly will find here an atmosphere of pleasant tranquility and appreciate the sights, and young people go far and wide all the local bars and buy in cheap shops.

Tour cost

On average, the cost of the shortest tour can range from 60 to 180 euros. Please note that the cost of compulsory medical insurance, as well as additional excursions are not included in the price. Obtaining a visa to these countries is not as complicated as, for example, to the UK or the USA, and by contacting a tour operator with this question, you can be sure of almost 100% success. The low cost of the tour will allow you to buy a bunch of souvenirs from the northern countries, and you will definitely want to come here again.

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