Seychelles flag: photo, history, meaning of the colors of the national flag of Seychelles

Seychelles flag

Seychelles flag

The state flag of the Republic of Seychelles was approved in June 1996, and it is an integral symbol of the country, like the anthem and coat of arms..

Description and proportions of the Seychelles flag

The Seychelles flag has the classic rectangular shape adopted in most countries of the world. The Seychelles flag is exactly twice its width. The use of the state flag is allowed for all official institutions and individuals for any purpose on land and for commercial and private vessels on the water. For the needs of the land armed forces and the navy, their own versions of the Seychelles flag have been developed.
The fabric of the national flag is divided into five parts of various sizes. From the lower corner at the flagstaff, four lines emerge in the form of a beam of rays, which cut the rectangle into five fields. The blue triangular field is formed by the pole edge and the upper left of the Seychelles flag. This part symbolizes the sky and the Indian Ocean, in which the state is located. Next comes the yellow field - a stylized image of the sun warming the fertile lands of the Seychelles. The red central part of the flag reminds of the desire of the citizens of the archipelago to work and live in peace and love. The white triangle that follows it symbolizes law and order as the basis of the country's statehood. The lowest sector of the Seychelles flag is green and represents the nature of the islands, their rich vegetation and diverse wildlife..

History of the Seychelles flag

The Seychelles were colonially dependent on Great Britain for many years and their flag was a dark blue cloth typical of states with this status. The British flag was located in its upper left quarter, and the coat of arms of the colony was applied to the right..
In 1976, the country gained independence, and its flag became a rectangular panel, divided by two diagonal white lines into four parts. The top and bottom triangles were blue, while the right and left triangles were red..
In 1977, a coup took place in the country and a new Seychelles flag was raised. It became the official symbol of the United People's Party that came to power. It was a rectangle divided by a white wavy line into two horizontal unequal parts. The top of the flag was red and the bottom was light green. This option lasted until 1996, when the government adopted the modern version of the Seychelles flag..

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