Holidays in the Seychelles in January: prices and weather. Where to relax in the Seychelles in January

Holidays in the Seychelles in January

Holidays in the Seychelles in January

The Seychelles has beautiful nature, preserved in its original form. There are many such plants and animals that you will not find anywhere else. It is here that the Seychelles palm grows, whose fruits are huge and weigh about 20 kg. There is a legend that for Eve and Adam the fruit of this palm tree was the forbidden fruit. And if so, then paradise on Earth was also located in these places..

Seychelles in winter is heaven on earth

You will be convinced that this is a wonderful place, having come here on vacation. The beginning of the year is marked here by hot and humid weather. At this time, the northwest monsoon dominates here. Harsh rains suddenly come and go away just as quickly, rewarding you with coolness. At this time, the air temperature is about + 28-30 degrees, and the sea warms up to about the same temperature. So a holiday in the Seychelles in January will be a return to this summer. Even rains do not interfere with enjoying swimming in the warm sea, and white sand beaches beckon and invite you to sunbathe.

For those who love diving and sea fishing, these islands are a godsend. In any weather, whatever it may be, on the island of Mahe you can visit bright bazaars-fairs, where tourists are happy to buy:

  • paintings by local artists;
  • local rum;
  • souvenirs made from turtle shells or palm fibers;
  • rare black pearls and products from it;
  • vegetables, fruits and local specialties.

I would like to emphasize one more detail: despite the abundance of tourists, everything is clean and tidy here, garbage cannot be found anywhere, and this is very impressive, because a great mood is created. In the Seychelles, it is allowed to enter and relax for free, even on those beaches that belong to hotels.

What entertainment awaits you

You can go water skiing, diving, fishing in a secluded cove right from the shore, or by renting a boat. It is possible to take a fascinating boat trip with a glass bottom, so that tourists can observe the amazing life of coral reefs. Here you can soar in the sky on a hang glider, play in a casino, go by boat or yacht to any atoll you like..

And the local cuisine is just a fairy tale! The main thing is seafood. More than a thousand species of fish are found in the sea here, so fish delicacies are provided for you: vegetables with octopuses, lobsters with lemon sauce, bourgeois fish baked according to a special recipe is very tasty. Rice as a side dish is ubiquitous. In general, the influence of French cuisine is felt here..

Photos of holidays in the Seychelles

  • Holidays in the Seychelles in January