Holidays in the Seychelles in October: prices and weather. Where to relax in the Seychelles in October

Holidays in the Seychelles in October

Holidays in the Seychelles in October

October is one of the best months to travel to the Seychelles, although the dry season is coming to an end and rainfall will increase significantly soon. October is a transitional season when there is a change in the direction of the trade winds. Southeast winds are getting weaker, but monsoon rains are expected soon. Many days in October are hot and humid.

The air usually warms up to +30 degrees and above. Tourists should also prepare for the light winds and rain that usually occurs at night. Storms in October are rare, but still likely to occur.

In October, you can take advantage of the last time to enjoy diving due to the high temperature indicators of air and water, because soon the weather conditions will rapidly deteriorate.

Holidays and festivals in the Seychelles in October

Holidays in the Seychelles in October are an opportunity to enjoy interesting cultural events, among which the two most important.

  • In October, a fishing tournament is traditionally held on the high seas on the island of La Digue. Anyone can show their talents in trolling, as well as in bottom fishing. After the competition, the catch can be sold. It is customary to send money to finance various charitable projects. Tournament prizes are awarded for the highest catch and for the best catch of certain types of fish. On the island of La Pass, from where the boats of all participants start, dance performances are organized and a delicious barbecue is offered.
  • One of the most important events in the Seychelles is held in October, the Creole Culture Festival. Everyone can discover the amazing facets of folklore, fine arts, music and national cuisine. The program traditionally begins with an official opening ceremony. Then the Festival of Creole Culture includes shows, craft fairs, theater performances and poetry readings, contests, linguistic conferences and even fashion shows. On the beaches of the island, which is hosting the celebration, you can participate in traditional games and water sports. On all central streets, those who wish can watch films and theatrical, musical performances. A varied program allows you to have an interesting time.

In the Seychelles, you can have a great rest in October. Take this opportunity!

Photos of holidays in the Seychelles

  • Holidays in the Seychelles in October
  • Holidays in the Seychelles in October