Currency in South Africa: exchange, import, money. What is the currency in South Africa?

Currency in South Africa

Money in South Africa is called «rand» (or «rand»). Indicated by the symbol «R». International rand code - ZAR. It is also the official currency in three other countries on the African continent. South African name «rand»  comes from the main source of gold in South Africa - the Witwatersrand mountain range .


Currency exchange in South Africa is possible both in banks (most often open in the morning of any day, except Sunday), and in hotels and exchange offices. When exchanging currency, be sure to keep all receipts and transaction certificates. If by the end of the trip you decide to change the rand back to foreign currency, then you will not be able to do this without these certificates..
International bank cards (MasterCard, American Express, Visa) will be accepted in almost any hotel, store, gas station, cafe and other similar institution.
Today, the South African rand has a rather unstable exchange rate, which is caused by the high level of inflation in the country.


Before the introduction of the rand in 1961, the South African pound was used in South Africa and was subsequently exchanged for a rand in a ratio of 1 to 2. Now coins in denominations of 1 or 2 cents are no longer in circulation - they were canceled back in 2002, so the cost most often rounded to a multiple of 5. Since 2004, new 5 rand coins have been issued with micro-inscriptions, bimetallic designs and a notched rim groove.
Introduced in 2012, a new banknote worth over 10 rand is effectively and modernly protected from counterfeiting: a watermark with an image of Nelson Mandela, microtext, a special security thread, a changing picture, a hidden image and other means.

What currency to take in South Africa

Going on a trip and wondering what currency in South Africa will be useful to you, you can safely stock up on US dollars or Euros, preferably in small bills, since when exchanging large bills, problems with change or the exchange rate may appear.
You cannot pay with foreign currency in South Africa.
The import of currency into South Africa for foreign tourists is not limited, and when leaving the country, the amount of South African money should not exceed 500 rand per person. It is impossible to take out a large amount of national money from South Africa without special permission from the South African Reserve Bank..