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Education in South Africa

South Africa is often compared to a rainbow - there are subtropics, and deserts, and unique plants, and a rich world of fauna, and interesting national parks, and modern resort complexes. In addition, recently, students have begun to come here more and more often for high-quality knowledge..

Those receiving education in South Africa will receive the following benefits:

  • Affordable tuition fees;
  • Students are offered discounts on excursions and meals;
  • Many African universities are within walking distance to the beach or crocodile farm;
  • Opportunity to study in English-language programs.

Higher education in South Africa

For higher education, you should go to universities or technikons. But for this you have to pass the TOEFL (at least 230 points) or the IELTS test (at least 7.0 points).

Distinctive features of these educational institutions: they have different educational programs, sets of disciplines and diplomas. In universities and technicons, you can get a bachelor's degree (3-4 years of study), a workshop (+ 2-3 years of study) or a doctoral degree (+ 2 years of study). But technikons mainly train specialists in the commercial and industrial field, and universities - humanities..

The two oldest universities in Pretoria and Cape Town are very popular: not so much because the quality of education is higher here, but because there are libraries, places of rest and communication in the immediate vicinity..

Most students strive to enroll in the University of Stellenbosh at the Faculty of Jewelry Design - the diplomas of this university and faculty are highly valued in the world labor market. Those wishing to study at a prestigious university can enter the University of Western Cape at “political” faculty - many graduates manage to get a job at the UN and other international companies.

For those who decide to enroll in technikons, it is better to choose large universities for training, since they cooperate with the largest South African corporations..

Language classes

South Africa is a great choice for those looking to learn English. In addition to language knowledge, schools offer all students to go on an exciting safari (safari duration - 3 days-1.5 months).

At the service of students - basic courses, business English, intensive courses, preparation for the IELTS test.

Work while studying

Foreign students are allowed to work on a student visa, but finding work here is quite difficult - if in Europe you can get a job as housekeepers or caregivers for children and the elderly, then in South Africa this work is done by blacks. But there is a way out - you can try to get a job as an intern according to your profile.

South Africa is an English-speaking country and is a worthy option for international students looking for a quality education.

Photos of educational institutions in South Africa