Taxi in South Africa - prices, order. How much does a taxi cost in South Africa

Taxi in South Africa

As in any other country in the world, taxis in South Africa are the fastest and most reliable way to travel, especially in big cities. A trip between settlements by taxi in South Africa can result in the loss of a rather impressive amount for the client, since pleasure is not among the cheapest.

Taxi types

Two types of taxis are ready to satisfy any client's desire, these are cars that have meters, but also charge impressive amounts for payment, and cars where the final price of the trip is determined by agreement. Such a trip will be cheaper, but there are also disadvantages: a local driver who is well-versed in the city can deceive the client, firstly, by lengthening the route, and secondly, simply by calling an exorbitant price, taking advantage of the fact that the guest of the country is poorly oriented in local rates.

Safety regulations

Given the geographical location, political and economic situation, experts strongly recommend not to hail a taxi in South Africa on the street. It is better to use only specialized parking lots, to give preference to cars equipped with meters, remembering the saying that a miser pays twice, and in this country, three times. Another advantage of a metered taxi is that you do not need an explanation with a driver who is not fluent in international languages..

For a tourist staying in a local hotel, the problem of finding a taxi is simplified to the limit. At the administrator, you can find the phone numbers of a taxi, as well as ask him to call a car at the required time.

Trip quality

Despite the fact that South Africa is part of the African continent, the service, especially in large transport companies, is at the level of developed European countries. The taxi ride will take place in a comfortable environment, in a comfortable cabin, with a TV set. Considering the climatic conditions of sultry Africa, almost all taxis are equipped with air conditioning.

South Africa is a rather big country with a well-developed transport system. At the same time, there is no single number by which you can call a taxi. Depending on where the tourist is in a particular region or city, he looks for local taxi services.

Most actively using the Internet to promote their activities:

  • company «Alpha Taxi», working in Bloemfontein, phones - (051) 433 33 41 (landline), 073 272 6952 (mobile);
  • Maxi Taxi Cabs CC (phone + 27 11 648 1212);
  • SACAB (Call Center phones +27 44 382 0444).

In general, subject to certain precautions, a traveler can use a South African taxi to solve a number of problems, quickly get to the hotel and to the airport, make it to the meeting point, see local attractions.

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